Mother’s Day Gifts That’ll Leave Her Speechless

Motherhood may be miraculous, rewarding, and beautiful; however, motherhood is also messy, challenging, and incredibly stressful. Actually, according to Dr. Alison Escalante in an article published in Psychology Today, American women are “drowning in stress” that none of them can get on top of due to a nearly impossible work-life balance. In Escalante’s article, she notes how sociologist Caitlyn Collins’s research on this topic led her to believe that “U.S. moms have it the worst” when trying to find this balance.

So, this Mother’s Day, let’s make sure we’re all spoiling the mothers in our lives. I mean, come on, they deserve it! Check out these five awe-inspiring Mother’s Day gift ideas.

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1. Buy Her Jewelry

Marilyn Monroe didn’t sing about diamonds being a “girl’s best friend” for no reason — you’d be hard-pressed to find a woman that doesn’t enjoy something that sparkles with brilliance when it catches the light. For affordable, unique, and gorgeous jewelry, check out offerings from Agape Diamonds, where you can find deals on whatever type of jewelry you’re looking for. You can find a positive, honest Agape Diamonds review for just about every type of jewelry they offer.

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2. Get Her Tickets To A Show

Instead of going through vendors where it can be difficult to find good deals on the shows you want to see, consider getting mom Broadway Tickets that are “exclusively priced” in many locations including New York, Los Angeles, and other cities around the world.

Maybe even consider upgrading it to an exciting get-away weekend to New York City to see Broadway shows like Wicked or Dear Evan Hansen! See a Broadway musical, visit Times Square, and get a bite to eat the day of the show. Make it a weekend she’ll never forget.

Bonus tip: Consider collecting the playbills and tickets from the shows you see. It could be a great way to surprise her with a scrapbook of all your “Mother’s Day Adventures” in the future.

3, Give Her Something Handmade

Whether it’s something you had personalized online or an art project made by her children, handmade gifts say something special about the mothers in our lives. As a matter of fact, a 2015 study found that handmade gifts (even the ones purchased from a vendor) were perceived as superior to portraying a sense of love over machine-made products. This study seems to prove that mom really does want more of a personal touch to her gift this year.

4. Do Something Special For Her

We’re not all great shoppers, but luckily, we don’t have to be! According to a 2018 article from NBC News, a survey that was done by the “mom app” Peanut found that only five percent of moms actually want a traditional Mother’s Day gift.

The survey found that what moms really want for Mother’s Day is either a “break from the mom routine,” a “cool experience,” or “a good night’s sleep.” The survey also found that while individual preferences will determine what moms consider to be a “cool experience,” most moms agreed that taking over some of the cleaning is always a well-received gift.

Therefore, maybe a better idea would be to book her a stay at a nice hotel or spa and surprise her by cleaning the house while she’s there. For the budget-conscious, consider doing all the cooking and cleaning for her while she enjoys a good movie and soaks her feet.

5. Spend Some Quality Time Together

According to an article published in BusinessWire in 2018, a survey conducted by Groupon found that 40 percent of mothers fake their reactions to Mother’s Day presents. The survey found that taking a family trip or going to a nice brunch was in the top five things that moms really want for Mother’s Day.

In the end, it seems to boil down to just letting mom know you care and want to spend time with her. Generally, there are all kinds of great Mother’s Day special offers that you can take advantage of to take mom out and spend time with her at a discount (she’ll love the time and may even brag that she taught you to shop for deal *wink, wink*).

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