Moving In Japan Is As Easy As Waking Up [Video]

Moving really sucks sometimes. I have moved a good 20 times in my life. I have lived in pretty much every corner of Sweden, and for two years, I lived in Los Angeles. Sometimes it’s inspiring to change your location, but the moving itself usually sucks big time, especially when you don’t use moving companies. You have to start packing in advance, and once you have actually moved, there will be boxes around for weeks. That is not the case when moving in Japan. They have a much more optimized solution to the whole endeavor.

The whole process of finding a new and inspiring house or apartment is usually the fun part when moving. But as I said, the moving process itself can be both tedious and a pain in the butt. In Japan though, they seem to have mastered the skill of moving, or at least that is the case with the companies that you can hire to help you move in Japan. The process is so optimized that when you see it, you almost want to move there immediately. The efficiency, the customer service and the optimization of everything is almost mind-blowing.

All you basically have to do when moving in Japan is to wake up, slip on your clothes and wait for the movers to get to your house. After that, you can go for a stroll in the park one last time before you head on out to your new location. By the time you get there, depending on if you stress or not, your apartment will look almost exactly the same as it looked in your old apartment. That in itself makes moving in Japan an almost must see endeavor if you ever live there. It’s almost like moving in Japan has become an art form in itself.

Check out this video and marvel over the simplicity of it all. If you have ever hired a company to help you move, compare their service with the service they give in Japan and you’ll most likely want to head on to Japan next time you move. I am still highly impressed how much more “fun” it must be moving in Japan compared to probably anywhere else.

The Simplicity Of Moving In Japan



Image Credit: [thanfoo]