Food Recommendations – 6 Must-Try Foods While Touring In Santiago

Santiago is located amid the beautiful views of Pacific Ocean and Argentina’s beef industry. Hence, it’s inevitably understood that it offers world-class cuisines promising the most authentic and flavorsome tastes. Majority foods here are cooked with Avocado, tomato, lemon, beef, and corn. The best way to explore the city’s enchanting beauty is to get on one of the free tours Santiago.

Below is a list of the lip smacking foods, Santiago has to offer.

1. Empanadas

Tasty Empanadas comes with three rich ingredients. Del Horno (Baked), de Hoja (baked with a flakey dough), and Africa (deep-fried) are the three famous yet basic types of open Empanadas. Also, try the juicy mix of beef, onion with traditional olive, and the hard-boiled egg that goes into the preparation of the world-famous filling Pino.

2. Pastel de Choclo

Santiago trip is incomplete without the must-try Pastel de Choclo. The baked meat dish is topped with mashed sweet corn. It somehow resembles and tastes a lot like Mexican tamales.

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3. Chorillana

This is something you can indulge in and share with your friends while on the trip. A little grease makes Chorillana item all the more interesting. It is fries topped with pan-fried beef, onion, and eggs. But, that’s not all! You can also expect cheese, sausage, or mushrooms served along with it.

4. Parrillada

Make out some time to enjoy the complete power-packed meal pack of Chile. Parrillada is a great dinner meal that includes a variety of meats, rice, salad, French fries, and lots more all combined into one. Order a parrilla and get many choices from chicken, sausage, to pork and bacon-wrapped steak.

5. Manjar

How about some yummy sweets at the end? Try Manjar! It is delicious as thick caramel and packed over a piece of toast. Chocolate-covered cookies increase Manjar’s flavor.

6. Chilean Ice Cream

You can’t leave Santiago yet because it still has something impressive to offer you. The Chilean ice cream! Visit artisanal ice creme parlor and satiate your sweet tooth cravings. Take a trip to heaven without actually dying.

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Food Recommendations – 6 Must-Try Foods While Touring In Santiago

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