The Health Benefits Of Adding Lemon To Your Diet

When I moved to Cincinnati, I learned so many things that have helped me improve myself a lot, especially on the domestic side of things. Now that I live alone, I have realized a lot of things about myself that are actually surprising. I guess when I was living in Manila (Philippines), I took for granted some things that at the time seemed trivial. I guess you could say I was really spoiled by my mom. Now I have to do my own laundry and cook my food, which I am actually liking a lot. I would rather cook at home than eat out.

My sister was sweet enough to give me a cookbook that I use, and my aunt who lives in Tucson has also been so helpful. We talk for hours, and the majority of our conversations are about how I can substitute some ingredients that I was used to, for ingredients readily available here in the States. One thing I learned is that lemon, as simple as it is, has two very big health benefits that I never knew before.

A while back, I wrote an article here on Bit Rebels about how lemon can help us look younger. It is called 6 Fast and Easy Ways to To Look Younger. But recently, my aunt told me that since I am here in the States where lemon is abundant, I should add it to my water or soda. After she said that, I did some research on the topic. Yes, it is true, the biggest benefits of lemon (aside from cleansing) is that it is good for breast health and liver health.

Imagine that just by simply adding this super fruit to our diet, we can really make a big difference. Drinking lemon water benefits the skin with its hydrating properties, giving it a healthy radiance. Now I have lemons cut into thin slices available in my apartment in my refrigerator so I can just easily get a piece whenever I want a drink. It really does make our beverages taste so much better too. It’s also a natural way for us to get a dose of vitamin C.

Add Lemon To Your Diet

Add Lemon In Your Drink

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