NES Wall Pointer | The Hanger To Keep You Reminded

Sometimes a day ends up being one big blur when you spend a lot of time on Twitter or any other Social Networking site. Your eyes get sore and you try to stay focused by moving closer and closer to the screen as if things will become crystal clear the closer you get. It’s a common behavior for all of us and there is little we can do to change it. Well, of course we could all just turn off our computers and go and read a book… but come on, why would you want to do that when you have all the information right in front of you, right?

For the times when you step away from your computer, even though it may only be for a few hours to get some sleep, it can be nice to have somewhere to hang your online suit until you wake up again. That’s when the über cool 8bit mouse pointer hand is a perfect interior design feature.

It will make sure that when you eventually wake up again, you definitely know the way to where your computer is. Almost as if you have done something bad and you’re being told to shape up and go and do your work, it points a finger right at you. It’s a true motivator, and a “you’ve done bad” reminder may be all you need to get your tired butt out of bed, drag it to the hanger where you have your online suit and then slowly push your heals in the direction of the computer… Just like the 8bit mouse pointer is telling you to do!

You can buy this über geek interior design item at Meninos for just $19.99. If you ask me, it’s a cheap little trick to give yourself a good reminder of what you have to do in the morning.