New Fashion Trend: Gummy Bear Jewelry

I’m a gummy bear fanatic, so when I saw this jewelry collection, I instantly knew I had to write about it. Gummy bears are no stranger to Bit Rebels. I remember when Richard wrote about the chandelier made out of 5,000 hand strung gummy bears. I wanted one of those for my house, until I called the company and found out that it costs $9,500!

This gummy bear jewelry collection is just the cutest little trend I’ve seen in a long time. Even Katy Perry agrees since you’ll see her below sporting the “Gummy Yummy” ring.

The only bummer part about this jewelry is that it isn’t made out of real candy. These gummy bears are made out of Lucite. Bummer. Oh well, it’s just as good otherwise I would eat them all up! You can purchase your own gummy bear jewelry at the ROMEiNGPANDA website.

[via high snobette]