New Fashion Trend: Manga Inspired Eyelashes

Long eyelashes are beautiful. I don’t know if many people would disagree with that. Have you noticed they are becoming more and more popular again? I remember last month when I even wrote about long eyelashes for your car. Although they are a little wacky, I still think they are really cute!

I’m very thankful that God has blessed me with naturally long lashes; however, I’ve always wanted to try false eyelashes just for fun. I remember years ago when false eyelashes only came in the color black and only in one style. These days though, it’s all about being creative and fun. You can find false eyelashes in so many different colors and styles. A while back, Richard wrote about some very unusual paper-crafted eyelashes. I can see how a top fashion model might wear those, but they are a little too wild for my taste.

Today I want to share with you another style of eyelashes. They are from the 2010 Shu Uemura Abracadabra Fantasy Holiday Collection. Manga dolls are the inspiration for these cute eyelashes adorned with little hearts and stars. I love these! I would try these out for fun any day! If you are unsure of how to apply false eyelashes, no worries, I’ve also included a video tutorial below.

[via leroseauxjoues]