New Study Finds That This Will Relax Your Man…

Lately I’ve been having a lot of fun reading some of the ridiculous studies that people publish on random topics that never seem interesting until someone studies them.

For example, there is the study that proves (yeah, right) that women prefer men with a tan, the study that determined Americans actually go crazy when their Internet is slow (well, DUH!) and the study that shows most Facebook users are insecure (c’mon, didn’t we already know that?).

Well here we go again with another silly study that means nothing but is so much fun to read about. Researchers at McGill University have released the results of a study which determine that looking at cooked red meat makes men significantly less aggressive and more relaxed. This makes me happy because I’m such a huge fan of red meat. If you’ve read my articles on here, you know I’ve taken a lot of heat for that. The comments alone on this article about how to kill a lobster in a humane way are enough to make even the most experienced Internet troll cringe.

However, I can’t help it. It must be in my DNA because just thinking about a rare steak makes my mouth water like it was Christmas Day. I’m happy to know that most men, or at least the 82 men in this study, feel the same way. Does this mean instead of arguing over whether it’s right or wrong to eat meat, we can just all stand around the grill, cooking our steaks, and be happy and relaxed? I hope so, but I doubt it will happen. After all, what would we do if we didn’t have something to disagree about? You can read more about the study and the specifics here.

[via Unique Daily]