Now There Are Even Edible Angry Birds Cake Toppers

So I finally pushed myself over the edge and tried out the heavily successful Angry Birds game on my iPad. I had tried it out briefly before, but this time, I wanted to really get into the game, and I did. The graphics aren’t that impressive, and the game play isn’t unique after having played Crush the Castle (which I have told you before).

However, I must admit though that Angry Birds really is insanely addicting, and I had to force myself, literally, to put the iPad down and get back to work. Why? Well, as of right now, I have no idea because the main objective is to destroy the green pig’s safe hideout, and in that, there is no real addiction to be talked about. Maybe it is in the urge we all have to just destroy things. Maybe we want to, for once, have the opportunity to trash something beyond recognition and not have to deal with the consequences. I mean, at best there will be a new level and some new guys hiding behind glass, ice, wood and rock. I was even amazed over how immersed I got into the game and how pathetically annoyed I got when not being able to hit the mark I was so sure I had right in my grasp.

As you can see, there are a whole lot of aspects to this game, but the one that is most evident is the addiction factor. Some people even go as far as planning to get the analog version when it comes out this year. How far can you go to satisfy your need for Angry Birds? Or, should we say to cure the evil Bird Flu?

Take a look at these Angry Birds cake top edibles and tell me, do they look delicious enough for you to scurry on out and get your very own? What could be better than to have a bag of edible Angry Birds tickling your fancy when playing the actual game? Well, if you do find yourself tying your shoes before reading this entire sentence then you should probably get professional help. Why? Because you have a severe case of the Bird Flu and that isn’t a good thing! Get Your very own at Artisan Cake Company over at Etsy. They are just $115 for the lot.