Office Bliss: The Importance Of Happiness At Work [Infographic]

If you have ever been subject to the limitations of office hours, you know that the inspiration they can bring is about as much as you will get action from a stone on your driveway. It can be such a boring time sitting hour after hour in an office working on something that you know you will most likely have to do tomorrow and the day after and so on. Here at Bit Rebels, we always try to switch it up a little. Exchanging hilarious emails and messages is a true requirement if you want to be in the close circle of the rebels. We’ve covered this topic before, and you all know there are some creative offices out there that do everything they can to make their employees stay inspired to the teeth.

The importance of being happy at work is on the rise, and there are a lot of things you can actually do to increase your own happiness at work. Social networking is a brilliant example of how you can get a boost at your desk. A little interaction the ole online way has never caused any problems. I mean, all the research that has been done proves that it’s even eons more profitable if your employees are using some of the social networking services available out there.

Socialcast has once again put together their statistics and created an infographic to prove just that, that happiness really is the mother of creativity and inspiration, and as a result, also profitability. So, I think during your next meeting at work, you should bring this up to your boss and make sure you and your co-workers get the chance to enjoy a little social networking once again. In many companies around the world, they have actually banned or blocked social services all together, which I am sure has crippled many of the employees from ever feeling the happiness delivered by their friends and loved ones. What do you think? Is social media and networking services bringing your mood and happiness up towards the roof? Does it make you more inspired to do more and better things at wok or is it merely a time sink?

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Importance Of Happiness At Work