OMG! Cuteness Overload!

There are days when you just want to be cheered up or just want to see what people are checking out on the web.  Some people gravitate to shiny objects while others to cute ones.  I saw a video of a very cute cat that held hostage a fox and that made laugh! (  Then I started looking at the other videos on the site and I was amazed at how many cute videos were uploaded by people.  Most specially by cat lovers like me!

Cats do have the amazing ability to cheer people up.  They know when you are sad or you need comfort.  They have this way of making you feel good by just watching their antics.  The kittens in particular will always make you oohhh and ahhh and of course LOL!

I’ve found some videos and included them in this post and hope you enjoy the cuteness overload that is in store for you! Enjoy!

Little Mousy

Bonk Bonk Bonk

Here is Cotton!