One Mom Geek’s Desire To Take A Caturday Nap

Recently Diana wrote a Caturday inspired post about Creative Cat Coffee Art and Peggy wrote What The Catnip is Caturday?. Since then, for some reason the word Caturday has stuck in my head. So this post is a bit inspired by cats and moms everywhere as we celebrate Mother’s Day.

My confession, all I really want is a catnap or some extra zzzzs. Cats really do have the “catnap” down to an art, and I should say that I actually prefer canines. I am not here to argue about which animal makes the better companion, but there are some qualities of the cat that I admire like their mastery of and ability to nap a lot, anywhere and anytime.

I am sure I am not alone in this secret desire for some extra sleep or a break from my busy blogging, tech, work, family and life in general schedule. I’m not complaining here, but I know Moms everywhere are secretly wishing for some extra rest too. I am a practical kind of girl, so I know this won’t actually happen in my life but we Moms can dream, right? We can at least take a look at these cute kitties and fantasize what it would be like to find the perfect spot and retreat for guilt-free nap on Mother’s Day.

Oh, and if you are a dad who actually reads this post, and if you are looking for gift ideas, you should always consider diamonds first lol. Apple products work for the geek in me, and I hear that the new book series Fifty Shades of Grey is a HOT must read (will be bigger than the Twilight phenomenon). Your wife will probably not even confess that it’s on her list, so go ahead and surprise her, or maybe just go ahead and download it right onto her Kindle or iPad for her. Eye-rolling aside, dads you just might thank me when you get your favorite gift from your girl frequently and often before Father’s Day rolls around. You know what I’m say’n.

cat sleeping under a shady tree

flower pot full of sleeping cats

cat asleep on a hot red car

barnyard fun wool cat bed

momma cat hanging around for a sleep

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