Oreo Cookie Animation: Watch It Jump Right Into The Milk For A Swim

Oreo cookies are simply the best cookies ever. A handful of Oreos, a tall glass of cold milk and a Star Wars movie (any of them) really come together to make the perfect evening. I admit that after I wrote an article last year about these Oreo Cameo Portraits, I tried making some Oreo art. I opened up about twenty Oreo cookies and tried to make designs in the white icing with a knife. Unfortunately, mine didn’t turn out as well as the ones in that article, but they still tasted very good.

Maybe that is why I was so impressed when I saw this 30-second Oreo cookie video animation. This animation was created by Kelly Cheatie with the help of her creative partner, Larry Moss. Together they made the cutest cookie scenario ever. You’ll get to see the Oreo icing swimmer jump right off the cookie and into the glass of milk for a swim.

If you’ve never before seen Oreo cookie cameos or an Oreo animation, you are probably surprised that all this could be done with a simple cookie. The thing is, Oreo cookies have inspired artists, designers, advertisers and other creatives for as long as I’ve been writing for Bit Rebels. It just never ends. Someday I’m going to write about the history of Oreo cookies. They are definitely the Coca-Cola of the cookie business if you know what I mean.

The next time you are inspired to create some new art, but you don’t have a canvas or any materials, just go to your kitchen and grab a few Oreos and a small, very sharp knife. You might be delighted when you see what you’ll be able to create! The best part is, when you’re finished, and after you’ve taken some pictures, you can eat your art. You can see some of Kelly and Larry’s other projects at Airigami.

Oreo Cookie Animation


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