Original Themes For Bachelorette Parties – Top Ideas

To make your party perfect, you need to take care of many things: think about decor and decoration, write a script and do not forget to invite all your friends. But it’s worth starting with choosing a theme for your bachelorette party!

The party theme is inextricably related to the style of decor, dress code, and even the choice of treats. We’re sure that you will agree with us that amazing barbie balloons are unlikely to suit a tuxedo party, and Hawaiian jewelry will be inappropriate at a Coco Chanel-style party!

Herу, we want to share with you the 5 proven themes for your perfect bachelorette party.

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You can come to the party in a short skirt, a playful light dress with a high waist, or put on shorts and a T-shirt. If you celebrate at home, you can dress up in colorful comfy bathrobes. The bright jewelry and sunglasses are the best accessories for the Pin-Up party. High-heeled shoes and a headscarf are must-have elements of your look!

Decorate the walls with bright balloons, hang posters with the images of Pin-Up girls, put multi-colored wine glasses with the “Bachelorette” inscriptions on the tables.

Arrange a bright photo session. If the party is held in the summer, take pictures in swimsuits on the beach or by the pool, with mojitos and other soft drinks.

Oh, and don’t forget about the beautiful retro car — it is an integral Pin-Up party attribute!

Pre-Wedding Gatherings In Pajamas

Your dress code is cozy bathrobes, comfortable T-shirts with cool inscriptions, and shorts. Put multi-colored hoops on your heads (for example, you can opt for funny hoops with large flowers or ears), put on comfortable soft slippers on your feet.

At the party, you can play your favorite music loud, have a pillow fight, dance, play darts, arrange an amazing photoshoot and enjoy a delicious dinner (do not forget milkshakes, ice cream, chips, and popcorn!).

“Tiffany” Style Party

A restaurant or cafe in retro style is the perfect place for such a party. You can pick up any outfits, the main thing is that they should be of blue color or its variations. And the bride should dress in a tight-fitting black dress, and make a high hairstyle. Light makeup is the best choice: it should not be heavy.

At the party, the bride should give gifts to her bridesmaids. Even the most ordinary trinkets will bring a lot of joy. Here are some ideas for such presents:

  • handmade soap;
  • manicure set;
  • cookies and sweets;
  • bonbonnieres;
  • perfume.

At such a party, you can enjoy endless intimate conversations, listen to lyrical music, and take pictures. Martini is the traditional “Tiffany” style party drink. Don’t forget to provide lots of sweets: a huge cake decorated with mastic, cakes, and muffins.

Lovely Boho

This is one of the most popular bachelorette party themes at the moment. And a garden by the lake is, maybe, the best place to organize a pre-wedding party.

Light, loose maxi dresses, lots of fringe, or floral kimonos will be the perfect choice for creating bride and bridesmaids’ fashionable looks. Add flower wreaths, as well as temporary tattoos. The guests should choose comfortable shoes with flat soles or woven sandals to create an image of beautiful forest nymphs!

To organize a buffet table, it is enough to provide some beautiful tablecloths and amazing snacks with fruits, berries, and cookies.

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