Over Or Under: The Great Toilet Paper Dispute

When you think of the biggest toilet paper debate, you probably think of something worthwhile like the debate about whether or not it’s important to use toilet paper made from recycled paper products, right? Well now that toilet paper manufactures are making toilet paper with green material that is just as soft as the bad stuff, of course it makes sense to use that. It’s not much of a debate anymore.

The toilet paper debate I’m referring to today is the one that goes back for generations. It’s the one that people will argue their opinions about until the end of time. It’s the one that will keep people from getting married and break up friendships.

Of course, I’m referring to the debate about whether the toilet paper should hang over or under. There are clearly advantages and disadvantages to both ways. For example, under looks neater, and it will keep a toddler or cat from unrolling it. However, over reduces the chance of transferring germs, and makes it easier to grab the loose end. According to some people, like those at The Insane Domain, the toilet paper orientation should depend on the type of holder you have.

To my surprise, apparently 70% of people think over is the correct way. Considering the fact that this debate on Wikipedia is two times longer than that for the Iraq War, I’m guessing this won’t end any time soon. All I have to say is this… If you come into my house, don’t secretly flip it when you’re in the bathroom or you won’t be welcome there again. #enuffsaid In the meantime, enjoy this infographic that weighs both sides somewhat objectively.

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Great Toilet Paper Debate

Via: [The Presurfer] [reddit]