Paintball – It’s A Lifestyle

Paintball, like many sports, is a fun pastime for many people in every walk of life. But just like some people play football for fun while others live and breathe it, paintball can be so much more than a casual pastime for many players. Paintball is a way of life.

Extreme Sports Land tested paintball guns for different levels of play, has gone over the basics of the game, but this time, we are going to look at the lifestyle of paintball and what it means.

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Become Who You Want To Be

Paintball might seem like a basic shooting game, aiming at opponents and trying to stay in the game until the end. But paintball also requires skill and strategy. For many enthusiasts, paintball allows you to become the person that you really want to be, stepping outside of your daily routine, work, and family and become someone else for a little while.

Military simulation games especially can allow you to be a soldier, working to defeat the enemy. The strategies that you use are personal to you, being as stealthy as ever. This includes being in good shape, strong enough to carry the marker and fast enough to outrun your opponents. Paintball is an escape from the daily grind, while still allowing you to have a lot of fun.

More Than Just A Marker

Some paintball markers do not look anything like real guns. Electronic markers used in speedball, for example, more closely resemble toys than they do a deadly weapon. These are wonderfully effective markers that can really make paintball fun. For the woodsball enthusiast, however, the game aims to be more realistic than speedball. The markers themselves often are replicas of the real deal, just shooting paint instead of bullets.

They often have a lot of the attachments the real guns have as well, will have the same weight, and even have the same types of capabilities, giving players a very realistic feel on the battlefield. While these markers are not the right choice for every player, they are a perfect choice for players who really embrace the paintball lifestyle.

More Respect

The mindset among serious paintball enthusiasts is very different as well. While these players still find the game to be enjoyable, they also have more respect for the game and the other players than more casual players would have. Paintball for them is not just a weekend pastime, but every aspect of the game is to be taken seriously and respected.

This includes shopping for the right marker, using the best paint, and understanding good sportsmanship on the field itself. People who start playing paintball more regularly will begin to master the discipline and patience that comes with being a more professional paintball player. These skills are not limited to the paintball field, but will bleed over into other areas of their life, leaving them with a lesson in patience that they might not even know that they needed.

Fear Is Not An Option

Once you have begun to play paintball more regularly and begin to master your own skills, you will discover something else: you are no longer afraid of getting shot. That’s because when you have become a pro player, fear is simply not an option. To be successful, you have to run the risks and not worry whether you are going to be hit.

Being hit is just a risk of the game and you will never succeed if you don’t put yourself out there. You can’t spend the whole game hiding behind a bush. The more you practice, the more you will learn that if you want to strategize, being afraid is simply not an option.


One of the most valuable things that you will ever get from paintball is the building and strengthening of friendships. Whether they are new or old friends, if your fellow players take the game as seriously as you do, you will always have someone reliable to play with.

You can harness your skills together, continually building strategies, and having a solid team to play with. These friendships will also help your communication on the battlefield, knowing how to talk to one another and work together to achieve your mission.

While paintball is not a lifestyle for everyone and some players just enjoy the thrill of it, there is a paintball lifestyle among the pro players that will build on your character while giving you a sport that you can play for a lifetime.

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