Why Do People Smoke? – 4 Reasons Why People Pick Up This Habit

Smoking isn’t a new thing and people have been going at it for an insane period of time. However, it would seem today that the habit of smoking is more of a phenomenon than ever. There are quite a few reasons for why that’s the case. Even though the number of people that smoke has gone down mainly due to the fact that people have found new ways to indulge themselves,  smoking remains one of the most spread habits that people have all over the world. Let’s take a look at some of the top reasons for why people pick up their first cigarette in general.

1. Peer Pressure

This one shouldn’t surprise anyone as it is the reasons why a very large number of people start smoking. In fact, the fact that your friends smoke is probably the reason why you wanted to try it yourself. Peer pressure is self-explanatory in that the effect is in the name. People are so conscious about what people think of them, especially their friends, and thus they go to extreme lengths to comply or impress said, friends. One of the things young teens think makes them look badass is smoking. If you smoke, you’re cool and if you don’t, you’re not. That kind of mentality has driven a huge number of people towards cigarettes over the past few decades.

2. It Runs In The Family

Another reason why people might pick up smoking is that it runs in the family. If your mom smokes and your dad smokes, and even your grandmother smokes, you grow up thinking that it’s only natural that you pick up smoking as well. This leads to many kids trying out their first cigarette at a very young age. Since it’s condoned in the household, there’s no kind of filter between their perception of cigarettes and coolness, and anything that could possibly change their minds.

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3. As Long As It’s Fair Game

The funny thing about cigarettes in the United States is that they’re both legal and illegal for minors. Minors are prohibited by law to purchase cigarettes, or better-said vendors are prohibited from selling them to minors. But minors aren’t restricted by the law when it comes to smoking them. So as long as they can get someone to buy cigs for them, minors are free to try them. Their parents might intervene, but the authorities surely won’t cuff them and send them to the station.

4. The Ultimate Placebo

If you’re not familiar with the effects of the placebo pill, it’s what is referred to when you are given something presented to you as having a certain effect, although it doesn’t. Just by believing that it does, however, you pretty much trick your body into thinking that you actually took a cold pill or no longer have a headache when all you took was a sugar pill. That principle is also used often although unknowingly by smokers. They believe that through smoking they can relieve stress and if they don’t have one they start feeling bad.

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Why Do People Smoke? – 4 Reasons Why People Pick Up This Habit

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