Personalize Your Greeting (e)Cards via Video

I like receiving eCards most specially when they are personally made for me.  Shows you that the one sending it, made such an effort to make you smile and feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  Please welcome one the most fun, personal, and easy way to send your holiday greeting cards this year!  Aside from Elf Me that @printedproof wrote about earlier, Animoto just  released two holiday video greetings, one in a charming pop-up card theme, and the other, a whimsical odyssey into a starry night, both rich in texture and warm winter scenery.

But  they won’t  just be making greeting cards for the holidays. Starting now, they will be making unique, elegant video greetings for every holiday and occasion year-round! Check out the first birthday card, released today as well.

There are 3 types of videos one can create on the site.

The original Animoto video, limited to 30 seconds. Turn your pictures into beautiful video productions. Add text to tell a story.  Animoto Shorts are free but limited to 30 seconds. Get unlimited full-length videos with an All-Access Pass! The original full-length Animoto video! Turn your pictures and video clips into beautiful video productions. Add text to tell a story.  Make unlimited full-length videos for just $30/year. Or a single vid for $3. For more information, view our pricing details.   Unbranded video licensed for commercial use. Free with a Pro account. The  Pro account is packed with features: unlimited, unbranded, DVD-quality videos for you, your business and your clients! Hundreds of commercially licensed tracks. Tons more.


See samples HERE. Create a video now and make someone’s day really bright!!