8 Stunning Holiday Nail Art Designs

Some of the best parts of the holidays are all the cocktail parties and fun luncheons where we get to see people we haven’t seen all year. Going to those things always reminds me of going to a high school reunion. I spend half my time saying, “It’s great to see you, what have you been up to this year?” Those events are the perfect time to jazz up your style, and if you have been looking for some holiday manicure inspiration, I’ve got just the thing for you!

The first time I visited The Nailasaurus, it was when I wrote A Comic Book Manicure: Batman & Supervillain Nail Art. That girl is the most creative manicurist I’ve ever seen! Not only does she post a different design every day, every single one is as beautiful as the next.

Right now she’s doing the 12 Days of Christmas, and each day is a different holiday design. Today is day 8, so I hope you click over to see what she’s got in store for us! Here are samples of her holiday collection so far. Every one is original and very special. I’m definitely brave enough to try these, I just don’t know if they would look this good when I was finished. I have a feeling they wouldn’t. LOL

Snowman Frosty Nail Art

Rudolph Reindeer Nail Art

Christmas Gift Nail Art

Red Christmas Tree Nail Art

Green Holidays Nail Art

Bright Blue Star Nail Art

Christmas Nail Polish Manicures

This one below is my favorite. I know, it’s not for the holidays, but still. :)

Pac-Man '80s Nail Art