Pests Around Your House That You Must Always Be On The Lookout For

We all want to stay inside our cozy, warm houses during the cold winter months.  The creatures living outside also want to stay in warm places.

As some mammals and bugs become inactive during the colder months, others find themselves personal space in people’s homes.

Following is a list of unwanted pests to watch out for during our coldest season.

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Roaches spread germs as they crawl on sinks, floors, and counters. The Allergy and Asthma Foundation has also discovered that roaches can cause allergies symptoms to become more serious. Due to their notorious resiliency, the best way to rid yourself of cockroaches is by professional treatment.


Mice can be cute, but they carry parasites such as lice and fleas and other viruses which feed on the blood of pets and people. According to the Center for Disease Control, rodents are responsible for spreading a multitude of diseases such as the hantavirus. Apart from the structural damage they may do to your property’s interior, they may also chew through wires and trigger electrical fires.

To steer clear of pricey home repair expenses, fire hazards and doctor bills, call any professional pest management specialist such as , if you have seen rodents in your home.


Raccoons are smarter than most people think.

Their small hands can open doors and drawers. Also, they can easily collapse their upper bodies just like cats to move through small gaps. Although they are adorable, do not attempt to pet them!  They’re the main cause behind most rabies and bacterial infections.  If a raccoon attempts to make your house its winter home, call a pest control specialist to remove it immediately.


Although the majority of spiders cause no hazard, the yellow sac spider is a poisonous arachnid with a nip that leaves disfiguring skin lesions. Brown recluses and black widows are rare, but one could be hiding in dark areas around or in your home. A specialist pest management team will survey your home to protect you from most of these dangerous creatures.

Fruit Flies

It is amazing how quickly a fruit fly contamination can get out of control. You see one fly buzzing around the fruit in the morning, then you come home from work and see a dozen more.  These flies are multiplying –  fast!

Remove their food supply by keeping fruit in the fridge. Furthermore, immediately clean counters and cutting boards right after food prep, and empty the recycling and garbage cans on a daily basis.


Squirrels usually shy away from humans.  They don’t usually move into your attic to save themselves from the killer cold of the winter season. Most of these rodents cause the same diseases as raccoons and mice, but their behavior is more unpredictable. Therefore they are more prone to attack if threatened.

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