How To Plan And Organize Your Best Dinner Party

You live an upscale life. Your home is beautiful. You love to entertain. Not only do you appreciate that little chance to show off, you genuinely love to share your blessings with other people. You seldom feel more alive than when you have a troupe of friends or coworkers mingling in your home. You love life, and to you, parties are a celebration of life. And dinner parties are one of the most delightful challenges. A dinner party isn’t just nibbles and guests meandering through your home. It’s like a play in three or four acts, with stages and timing and proper planning. Of all the aspects of this play you’re putting on, the menu is almost certainly the most important. At a dinner party, your guests are there to eat, drink, and be merry.

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Planning And Organizing A Legendary Party

Whether you want to impress with your cooking skills or skip the four-hour stress and hire a caterer, you’ll want to take special care of the menu. Ask your guests ahead of time if they have any dietary restrictions, and make sure to plan a menu around that. Each dish should be likable and accessible–nothing so unique your guests dislike it, but it should also be unique enough that no one is thinking, “I’ve had this before.”

That’s a delicate wow-factor balance. But you’ve got this. If you’re an experienced cook, you could try a new recipe. If not, go for something simple, or even have a friend who’s a good cook to come over and help you! Of course, you could always cater, which might be the best idea if you’re hosting a particularly large event.

If it’s an extra special occasion–perhaps an end of the year party for your boss, or a small, in-home wedding–you’ll want the interior of your home to be perfect. Since the kitchen tends to be the center of the home (and the easiest place to put appetizers) you’ll probably want to consider the kitchen first.

Thankfully, with sleek, luxury kitchen appliances available at a click from sites like, remodeling your kitchen is easier than ever. Many of these newer appliances employ “smart” technology, which allows them to pair with your phone. You can utilize their timers, delayed starts, and heat-monitoring to efficiently use your time and energy.

Possibly even more important than the food is the bar, and as cocktails and drinks become ten times more complex than they were fifty years ago, you’ll want to be sure you’re keeping up with the fads. Whether you live in Kentucky or New Jersey, preparing your bar just got easier with online ordering. Now with a relaxing browse and a few clicks, you can have your party filled with quality and variety in no time. In addition to beer and wine, your guests would probably like some cocktails and spirits!

There are plenty of cocktail recipe books out there, so grab one, or go online, and try some out. Make sure to practice making a few cocktails in the days before your party. Include enough spirits and mixers that your guests can put together their own favorite drinks as well.

And remember, a major party of hosting a party is socializing and making your guests feel at ease. Be ready to make and even promote small talk and conversation about your guests. Brush up on facts about each person and be ready to ask each person questions (not awkward ones!) to help stimulate conversation. If things get tense between any guests, it will up to you to deftly ease the tension and change the subject.

Perhaps the most delightful part of a good dinner party is how much freedom it offers you. You can enjoy the company of your friends and glow in that little bit of showing off–all while choosing the menu, wine, and decor you want. It’s a dinner party suited to your preferences, and that can make it all the more enjoyable.

Whether you cater or cook, have only a few choice wines or a full cocktail bar, your dinner party will be a chance for you to show off your organizational skills. Your friends will be happy and so will you; after all–you are good at this.

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