Prepaway – Is CompTIA Network+ Certification Worth Pursuing?

A credential adds credibility to your skills and knowledge. With the CompTIA Network+ certification, you can launch a career in the field of networking, Linux administration, cybersecurity, or any other related sphere. This certificate is fundamental for many professional-leveland expert-levelcredentials. Although it is a foundational certificate, it shouldn’t be downgraded in value. The fact that many employers include it as a part of prerequisites for job also attests to its worth in the field of Information Technology.

In case you are wondering if you should pursue the CompTIA Network+ credential because you are not sure of its value, this certification guide is here to help you make the right decision. In this article, we will look at some questions that the candidates usually ask when it comes to the Network+ certificate.

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Is The CompTIA Network+ Certification A Prerequisite For Some Jobs?

You don’t always need the certification to land a job in private organizations. However, some hiring managers request that the applicants applying for some types of jobs have the credential or plan to earn it over a specific period of time. In addition to this, many employers look out for specific experience, skills and credentials when they review resumes. For some positions, if you don’t have the Network+ certification, you could be disqualified from the pool of candidates considered for a particular job.

This does not mean that considerable experience in networking and IT is not important, but recruiters just want to hire those individuals who are committed to continuous learning and the certificate is definitely a sure way to prove that this is true. Now, if you are planning to take up a job role in the public section, the government has mandated that the potential employees for some specific jobs in certain agencies should have the CompTIA Network+ or similar certifications that have been validated through DoDD 8570.

No doubt, the credentials show that one understands the objectives stipulated under the certification exam and has demonstrated good knowledge and skills by passing the test and earning the credential. The time and energy put into learning to network in preparation for the test surely pays off after earning CompTIA Network+ as you can present your certificate to any employer.

However, it is important to mention that receiving a certification does not mean that an individual will become an excellent network technician or administrator and the hiring managers know this so well. This is why they use other form of validation in terms of your experience and projects you have worked on before hiring you.

Do Skills And Experience Really Matter As Prerequisites For The Network+ Certification Exam?

CompTIA Network+ is usually regarded as an entry-level credential that is aimed at an individual with little or no experience in the field of Information Technology, or those lacking the fundamental knowledge of networking. However, the categorization of an entry level differs and it is largely based on the hiring managers’ descriptions of jobs. For most organizations, an entry-level job position is meant for those candidates who are new in the IT industry.

These are applicants with fewer than three years of work experience. For taking the CompTIA N10-007 certification exam, the experience must be from 9 to 12 months. However, it may not be as much important as the hands-on knowledge and skills that could also have been gotten from study and working on a personal lab. Therefore, before you go ahead to take the N10-007 test, it is recommended that you reflect on your depth of knowledge and experience in relation to the prerequisites for the exam, as well as its objectives.

What Networking Areas Is CompTIA Network+ Focused On?

The fact that you are working on networking does not mean you can ignore the hardware part. This is why it is recommended for those professionals who want to write the exam for CompTIA Network+ to have the CompTIA A+ certification first. This is needed to equip them with the knowledge of hardware before the networking part. It is crucial that the candidates understand that networking is all about linking physical components of devices and in most cases, they are computer devices.

The physical components such as Network Interface Cards in computers are crucial for the process of networking. Hence, the individuals taking the test need to understand how these Network Interface Cards are implemented and the process by which the different networking protocols are constructed, as well as the differences between serial devices and USB. This knowledge is a crucial foundation for getting networking information.

To fully understand the scope of networking in relation to hardware in the Network+ certification test, it is essential to explore the exam objectives. These objectives include networking concepts, infrastructure, network operations, network security and network troubleshooting and tools. These topics have ample hardware contents.

How Do You Align Network+ With Career Objectives?

Many people taking the CompTIA Network+ credential exam do this with the purpose of getting their first job or improving their prospects in the field of Information Technology. The likelihood of mapping out a career path at this stage is very slim.

As a matter of fact, you probably will wait about five years before you start thinking of a specific career. Even if you take out time to plan it at this stage, there is a high tendency that it will change within a couple of years. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not skip some certifications that will come handy when you want to specialize.


In summary, the CompTIA Network+ certification is worth pursuing, especially for an entry-level professional. It has the capacity to lead you to the career of your dream.

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