Prepping Your Bedroom For Warm Summer Nights

A proper night’s rest is essential to basic functionality. In the absence of the ability to sleep comfortably, you’re liable to experience trouble at home, at work, and in various other areas of life. As such, with summertime fast approaching, it’s recommended that you prep your bedroom for some excessively warm nights.

Since extreme heat stands to interfere with your sleep habits, you’ll need to get out ahead of the problem if you want to maintain a high quality of slumber throughout the summer season. So, if your sleeping space isn’t exactly summertime-ready, don’t hesitate to take the following measures.

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Block Out The Sun

The summer sun is not kind to people who don’t enjoy getting up at the crack of dawn. Since it rises much earlier than it does during the winter months, the summertime sun has a tendency to interfere with early-morning slumber.

You can help keep the sun’s intense brightness at bay by outfitting your bedroom windows with sun-blocking screens and/or blackout curtains. While these handy window dressings won’t completely purge sunlight from your sleeping space, they can dramatically reduce the amount of sun that finds its way inside, thereby reducing the likelihood of interrupted slumber.

Install A High-Quality Ceiling Fan

A dependable ceiling fan can be a boon to your overnight comfort. The right fan can help circulate air from your home’s central AC system and ensure that you remain comfortably cool all night long. If your home lacks air conditioning or you prefer to turn off your AC overnight, you can have your fan provide a cooling breeze of its own by setting the blades to spin counterclockwise.

As an added bonus, most ceiling fans are easy to install and affordable on virtually any budget. So, if your sleeping space’s existing fan has seen better days or your bedroom lacks one altogether, there’s no time like the present to nip this issue in the bud.

Invest In Warm Weather Bedding

Some people have an unfortunate habit of using the same bedding year-round. To these individuals, bedding is bedding, and sheets and comforters needn’t be changed with the seasons. While consistency can be a good thing, it also stands to make your nights very uncomfortable when it’s applied to bedding. Although sheets and bedspreads that are designed to retain heat can help provide you with first-rate comfort throughout the winter, they are guaranteed to make sleeping through summer nights an arduous undertaking.

With this in mind, you’d do well to invest in bedding that’s designed for sleeping in warm weather. When seeking out suitable summertime sheets and comforters, keep an eye out for natural materials, like silk, bamboo, and cotton. These natural fibers help wick away moisture and are considerably more breathable than the materials used in most cold-weather bedding.

In the interest of providing yourself with maximum overnight comfort, consider complementing your new bedding with warm-weather sleepwear. As is the case with summertime bedding, natural fibers that offer enhanced breathability are sure to serve you well in the sleepwear department.

Install A Window-Based AC Unit

If you require an advanced degree of cooling during the overnight hours, a window-based AC unit is likely to get the job done. However, if your home already features central air conditioning, you may want to reconsider. At the very least, your central AC should be completely turned off before you proceed to run any window units.

To get the most out of a window-based air conditioner, you’ll need to regularly check its filter and replace it as needed. Furthermore, you’ll need to clean the device at least once a year. If you’re uncomfortable performing either of these tasks, consider farming them out to a licensed heating and cooling specialist.

In the absence of proper sleep, navigating your way through the waking world can prove incredibly difficult. While there is a litany of factors that can impact one’s sleep quality, disagreeable weather is among the most common causes of disturbed slumber.

This is particularly apparent during the summer months when high temperatures abound. That being the case, anyone who has trouble sleeping during periods of excessively warm weather would be wise to summer-proof their bedroom. If a summer full of restful nights is what you’re after, you can’t go wrong with the tips discussed above.

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