The Pros And Cons Of The Different Living Arrangements For Seniors

When we get older our living arrangements may need to change, as witnessed by those with aging parents/grandparents. Many people assume that it’s hard to choose the best living option for their aging loved ones, and that can be true in some cases.

Ultimately, the best living arrangement for a senior citizen largely depends on their specific needs. There are both pros and cons to each senior living situation, so family members must weigh out all of their options before making a decision.

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Aging In Place

As the name suggests, aging in place allows senior citizens to remain in their own homes as they age. Most seniors prefer this option, and it is a very realistic option for a lot of families.

Pros of Aging in Place:

  • Seniors remain independent
  • More familiarity with the living environment
  • Ability to stay social in their community
  • Seniors who age in place tend to have the best quality of life

Cons of Aging in Place:

  • It’s possible that they’re living alone
  • Seniors are still at risk for falls
  • Major home renovations may be required to ensure the safety

The key to successfully aging in place is to make sure that your loved one is both safe and comfortable. If their home has too many hazards, extensive renovations may need to be done, or aging in place may not be safe for them. On the other hand, seniors do prefer to stay in their own homes and neighborhood where the people and environment are familiar. In some cases, it may be necessary to look into a place that offers independent living, which can provide many of the same comforts of home and a safe living environment.

Moving In With Family

Sometimes, an elder’s home isn’t the safest place for them to continue living, but they also may not want to go into a retirement home or nursing home as their living arrangements. Moving them in with you can be a workable, better option.

Pros of Moving in With Family

  • They’re not likely to be alone
  • Gives peace of mind to the family

Cons of Moving in With Family

  • Home renovations may still be necessary
  • Changes the home dynamic

All members of the family living in the home will have to get used to this new living arrangements. This may work fine for some families, while other families may become more stressed.

Home Health Aide/Live-In Care

If moving in with family isn’t a viable option, and the family worries about their loved one constantly being alone, then a home health aide or live-in carer may be a better option.

Pros of a Home Aide/Live-In Carer

  • Peace of mind that your loved one will be taken care of
  • Care is tailored to their specific needs

Cons of a Home Aide/Live-In Carer

  • Costs

These types of services don’t usually come cheap, especially if you’re looking for the best quality living arrangements for your loved one. On the other hand, quality care assures that your loved one will be taken care of properly.

Retirement Home/Community

A retirement home or community is similar to having live-in care, except that the care is being provided in a community-like setting and other senior citizens are around. Assisted living facilities are also available and provide more comprehensive care for seniors in need. If seniors want to find assisted living homes, they can explore options in their area that provide the care they need. This is a good option if the senior’s home isn’t safe for aging in place or if they can’t move in with family.

Pros of a Retirement Home

  • Specialized care is given when needed
  • The environment is safe for seniors
  • There’s a sense of community

Cons of a Retirement Home

  • May be farther away from family
  • Retirement homes tend to be costly
  • Risk of elder abuse in homes

Retirement communities strive to be as homelike as possible, which can make them quite expensive. There’s also the risk of elder abuse, but retirement homes with better quality of care don’t tend to have this problem.

Nursing Home Living Arrangements

Nursing homes are usually medical facilities that provide around-the-clock care for senior citizens and adults with disabilities. This is the best option if your loved one needs specialized medical care for most of the day.

Pros of Nursing Homes

  • Medical staff is always there/on call
  • Constant care is given to those who need it

Cons of Nursing Homes

  • Nursing homes are extremely expensive
  • Quality of care isn’t always good

Many people are worried that their loved ones may be abused in a nursing home, but sometimes a nursing home is the only option when choosing living arrangements. Nursing homes can also be incredibly expensive, and this is a waste if the care isn’t good. Fortunately, there are good quality nursing homes that provide top-notch medical care for those who need it, but they’re also pretty pricey too.

Overall, choosing the best living arrangements for your aging loved one depends on if they’ll be safe and cared for properly. Also, get their input if possible. Some seniors who are capable of aging in place may want to live in a retirement home or have a home health aide for peace of mind.

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