Protect Your Elderly Loved Ones With The Right Guest Bedroom Set

We frequently see stories across the news about elderly, infirm, or disabled adults going missing – 15% of patients with Alzheimer’s become lost annually. Between the fear that your loved one will become lost, you also have the fear of something happening to them when no one is around to help. Furthermore, paying for long-term care, in-home or inpatient, is an investment few can afford. For these reasons and many more, people are turning to moving in their elderly relatives.

If you already have a guest bedroom that you are planning on giving your new housemate, you want to look at the existing furniture carefully to make sure it meets the requirements of your guest. Even if you don’t want to replace the entire bedroom set, you should still make sure that the furniture meets the minimum requirements outlined in this article.

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Open Walk Space For Mobility Devices

If your loved one uses a cane, walker, or other mobility devices, you need to make sure that the bedroom allows for maneuvering them. Most wheelchairs require a 36-inch clearance for a clear path from one side of the room to the next. If a cane is used instead you can get away with just a couple of feet. Remember that you also need a clear path to their bed in case of an emergency.

Firm Beds, Chairs, And Benches For Added Support

While cushions and soft upholstery is comfortable and appreciated, the furniture should primarily offer firm support to the one using it. Accent chairs, dressing table chairs, or desk chairs should be of a comfortable, adjustable height with a firm seat and lumbar support. Any furniture upon which you will sit – bed, sofa, or accent chair – should be firm and at least 18 to 24 inches from the ground.

Rounded Edges And Extra Padding

If your guest bedroom will be occupied by someone with a tendency to fall or stumble, try to get a bedroom set that features rounded corners. You might also look at bed frames or headboards and footboards that are padded and upholstered for added protection against bruising or other injuries. A tufted headboard of padded polyester upholstery can be a luxurious and comfortable addition to the bedroom set.

Attaching Heavy Bedroom Furniture To The Wall

If you have large pieces in your new bedroom set, such as a tall chest of drawers or a dresser with a large attached mirror, make sure that they are secured to the wall to avoid injury. If your loved one is going through a drawer and loses their balance, you don’t want the heavy furniture to fall onto them. The injury could be significant.

Most bedroom sets online come with the hardware to securely fasten the dresser or other heavy pieces to the wall so that you don’t have to worry about them toppling over. While these safety features are typically only considered when small children are around, they actually come in very handy for these situations as well. See all bedroom sets from 1StopBedrooms for more options.

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