Puppy Essentials – Everything From Food To Finding The Best Vet’s Office

Did you know it’s estimated that dog owners spend almost $200 on their pups alone in any given month? If you’re a new puppy owner, then you might already know this. From the fee of adopting your bundle of furry joy to the vet’s visits and from the food to chew toys, there’s a lot to be done before you bring home a new puppy.

While presenting your child with a puppy on Christmas morning can be exciting and heartwarming, it’s important to note that a puppy is hard work. If you’ve already taken the plunge and adopted that cute bundle of fur for your children, read on below for a few tips on the essentials you need to make your puppy a part of the family.

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Puppy Proof, Puppy Proof, Puppy Proof

First things first, before you bring home your new puppy to introduce him to the family, you need to make sure your home is puppy-proof. Bringing home a puppy is much like bringing home a baby, you need to make sure that the sockets are plugged and that there are no hazards that your pup can chew on or swallow.

It’s best if you create a puppy-safe area, not only so your dog will be safe, but so they will feel comfortable on the first few nights in their new home. Remember, this is just as new to them as it is you, so love and patience are requirements.

Stock Up With Nutritious Snacks

From the beginning, you want to feed your pup only the best, healthiest food. Before you choose a pet food for your new puppy, you need to do your research to determine what are the best brands. Once you have done that, there are plenty of fresh dog food subscriptions on the market.

These services will deliver the food right to your door, and it’s guaranteed to be the healthiest, tastiest food for the pet you love. There are many different options out there for dog food subscriptions, so make sure you compare the quality and prices and read all the reviews you can find to get the healthiest choice for your pet.

Select A Vet

Even though you adopted your pet from a reputable shelter, you’re still going to want to take him to the vet to be given a clean bill of health. As with the puppy food, do your research well to find the right vet to take care of your new family member. It’s important to take your pup in for regular checkups with the vet, as well as have someone to take your dog to if he gets sick between vet visits.

Locate The Nearest Emergency Vet

You should create a list of the vet hospitals in your area and note the location of the nearest one. Remember, if you’re bringing your pup home during the holidays, it’s possible that you aren’t going to be able to find a vet that is open if something should happen. The holidays, from the wrong foods to tinsel from the tree can be dangerous for new pups, so it’s best to know exactly where you emergency vet is located and how fast it will take you to get there.

Have Fun And Get Lots Of Toys

If there is one thing you should know about the new addition to your family, it’s that he is going to love to chew on everything from shoes to controllers. Buy plenty of puppy chew toys ahead of time. It might not stop your favorite heels from getting chewed up, but it’s a start and keeps your little darling occupied as well.

These are just a few of the top essentials, and tips, you should know about when bringing home a new puppy for your kids. Puppies are amazing and loyal, but they are a lot of work as well, so be prepared.

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