Real Solutions To Fighting Climate Change

Wait! It looks like the climate is messed up, and everything is upside down. You might notice that it’s cold in March, and well, December seems to be a humid month for some countries. While in other countries, they also experience extended weather problems. Unstable rising and decreasing temperatures are indeed enormous problems. The whole world is severely affected by climate change. There are floods, landslides, wildfires, and drought everywhere. It is indeed difficult to combat with nature, and we should always be prepared.

Parents should not hesitate in teaching children about climate change as early as now, so we can expect 100% participation in helping the world in becoming a great place to live in by developing solutions in fighting climate change. If we do not teach the future generation how to take care of the environment, we rob them of the resources they need to survive. Here are some of the real solutions on how to fight climate change.

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Recycle and Resort To Waste Management

The easiest way to deal with climate change is to recycle and put your wastes in their proper place. Learn to separate biodegradable wastes from non-biodegradable. For recycling, you can use plastic bottles as a pot for your veranda or garden plants. You can also use them as a tool to water your plants.

Encourage People To Acquire Renewable Energy Machines And Tools

This is by far the top and most suggested way to fight climate change. You see, when  Solar Energy converts sunlight to electricity, it lessens the heat and slows down the rising temperatures that cause abrupt changes in the weather.

Wind energy does not give off carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses, which can trigger climate change. It is considered to be a tool for cleaning the air that we breathe. In some countries, particularly in the UK, farms have turbines to harness electricity from wind energy and maintain their crops’ freshness through the right temperature.

Hydropower is also in the dams and barriers on most water bodies like rivers and lakes. They control water flows that prevent floods and convert electricity for everyday use. This energy often seems to be more reliable than wind and solar energy.

We also have Geothermal energy, which also converts Earth’s heat into a helpful aspect. It provides enough heat to homes to generate electricity.

Tidal Energy is the one responsible for driving turbine generators. Turbine Generators are the ones who transform water energy into mechanical energy that would later on become a source of electricity and keeps the bodies of water from being drought that may result in the death of sea creatures.

Last would be Biomass Energy wherein it is cleaner and more efficient, especially for farms, for it converts industrial, agricultural and domestic waste into liquid, solid, and gas fuel. Acquiring biomass machines is environmentally friendly since it only releases the right amount of carbon in the atmosphere, which plants absorb.

Refrain From Chopping Down Trees

While we are busy writing in our notebooks and scratch papers, remember that papers are made of cellulose found in trees. Many trees are being torn down from their roots to make paper. Cutting trees will increase the chances of floods, heat and would contribute to climate change.

Carbon dioxide from the air is being absorbed by trees during photosynthesis, causing the air to become purified. If you do not want to experience soil erosion, then you should also plant trees. Indeed, trees are tremendous contributors, especially if you’re going to add grace and beauty to the surroundings.

Reduce Water Usage

When we aim to combat climate change, we should always look after our water usage. Wasting too much water would make the bodies of water drought, so make sure to use it wisely. Say, for example, at home, take short showers, do not let the faucet run when not in use, especially when you are brushing your teeth or doing the dishes.

You can also switch to Water-Sense labeled fixtures to save 100-million kilowatts-hours of electricity per year preventing global warming. Saving water comes a long way; you can also avoid pollution by this beautiful act. Time to wash away those times when you waste water!

Pull Those Plugs

Negligence is the main answer to why people are being slapped with huge amounts of electricity bills. It is also a way towards danger like house fires, wildfires, or any house or establishment accidents.

It can also cause harmful effects to the surroundings since plugging in outlets consumes energy if you leave fully charged phones and appliances plugged for a long time and when not in use. Energy would be wasted and can cause greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to air pollution.

Do Not Waste Food

When the environment is at stake, we need to be responsible for bringing it in good hands. Most people think that wasting food is okay since you can always buy one afterward, but do you know that simply dropping a portion of food on the ground can fill up landfills that result in land and air pollution in the decaying process?

Meat is accountable for greenhouse emissions which is the same amount of emissions from vehicles. The vegetarian diet is more efficient because it can make you healthy and save the environment.

Drive A Fuel-Efficient Vehicle

Almost everyone owns cars. Wherever you look, you can see cars along the highway. But, there is no denying that you can also see people rushing to work or school while covering their noses. It is because they produce a massive amount of nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide. Almost a quarter of hydrocarbons pollute the air.

But when you use fuel-efficient vehicles, you use less gas, and if fuel is being burned, there are only fewer emissions generated. This lessens the chances of the greenhouse effect. Why not resort to electric vehicles? When vehicle electricity is coming from renewable resources, cars do not produce emissions that can save the air, health, and environment.

Final Thoughts

We may think that we cannot save the Earth. But, the real answer is we can! It is never too late to change and combat climate change. Since we are the ones who are well-equipped and have the knowledge to save the environment, we should not hesitate. Let’s do our best so we can have a healthy place to live in.

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