Is It Really Cheaper To Buy Wholesale Hemp Flower?

The Hemp flower market is still in a relative state of infancy, so a lot of people don’t yet understand how it works. It doesn’t help that some of the more unscrupulous Hemp/CBD companies have been known to overcharge for their products, but certain market norms have been established. While on that subject, we have to ask the question: Is it better to buy in small quantities or to buy large quantities at wholesale? It’s not a simple question, but we will attempt to settle it once and for all.

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What Does “Wholesale” Mean?

In case you might be confused about the definition of this word, we should lay it out clearly. Buying wholesale involves purchasing a lot of goods at one time, usually at a discounted rate. In most cases, this low cost is meant to facilitate the re-selling of those goods at a profit. In essence, it is a good deal for both sides: The seller gets to move a large quantity of product with a single sale, while the buyer gets some stock on which they can make a profit.

Why Buy Wholesale?

When it comes to buying wholesale Hemp flowers, most of you will not be re-selling the product. This particular market seems to be flooded already, so your chances of quick success are not great. Not only that, but there are special licensing and certification requirements for the growing and distribution of Cannabis products. In many states, there will also be significant taxes to be paid. So, why would you then consider buying wholesale Hemp flowers?

The answer is simple: It’s much more affordable that way. If you enjoy smoking a lot of Hemp flower, then you can look at it like this: You were going to buy that much bud eventually, so you might as well get it all at once. There currently aren’t a lot of brick-and-mortar stores that sell Hemp flower, so most buyers get it online. As such, they often find wholesale buying to be more convenient.

As a nice little bonus, it also means fewer packages and, consequently, fewer shipping charges. For those who live in remote or less-populated areas, it can take a long time for packages to arrive. Thus, it is not practical to order small quantities of anything.

Price Comparisons

While all of the above is helpful, we need to get some definite numbers here. Our readers should know exactly how much difference it makes when you buy wholesale. We can only deliver that knowledge by looking at some specific comparisons. So, we will compare retail prices with wholesale prices to obtain a price per gram figure.

Industrial Hemp Farms seems to be one of the more respected producers of Hemp flower, so let’s start with them. We can see that they offer “Green Dream” flower (which is heavy on the CBG) for about ten dollars a gram on their website. However, that price only holds if you buy a single gram. If you buy an eighth (3.5 grams), you will pay $30.00. That comes out to about $8.50 per gram. By the time you get up to an ounce (28 grams), your price is $119.00. That comes out to $4.25 per gram, which is much better.

This company also has a “wholesale” section on their web site, but we would have to schedule an appointment to get an exact price from them. Therefore, we must look elsewhere for our figures. Let’s look at this offer from a Hemp wholesaler to get an idea of how much money we can save. Like our previous example, this is a CBG-dominant strain, so it should have the same effects. The buds are a little smaller, but this is a perfectly usable product here.

As you can see by looking at the ad, it offers an entire pound (448 grams or 12 ounces) for about $100.00. Calculated on a cost-per-gram basis, that means you’re paying only about 22 cents per gram. To be fair, we should mention that this is an unusually low price. It is part of an “end of season sale,” which means that the seller is trying to unload a lot of product at once. Also, the quality of this flower is going to be a little lower, as it does contain some “shake.” Nevertheless, this does give you an idea of how much money you can save by going to a wholesaler.

You should also compare what they are offering with their competitors like and see who’s offering better prices for the same product. These days, most CBD companies have a standard manufacturing process that they follow to ensure that their products are of high quality. So if one company is offering the same kind of hemp flower at a lower price, then go with them. You’re not losing anything.

Wholesale Prices Can Often Be Negotiated

Whether you are a retail buyer or not, you can normally negotiate a wholesale price for your Hemp flower. The first website we examined was related to a prominent Hemp retailer. They sell all sorts of CBD-related products, from Hemp flower to dabs and all sorts of other things. Because they make the majority of their money from small sales, they aren’t going to quote wholesale prices for just anyone.

Most online Hemp outlets will have such a wholesaling program. Of course, most of them will only want to do business with buyers that are worth their time. If you are not operating a business, you will have to convince them that you will be a regular buyer. In the end, the only thing that matters to them will be the quantity that you buy. If that quantity isn’t large enough, it will not be worthwhile for them to give you that lower price. Thus, you have to figure out where their threshold might be.


Buying wholesale Hemp flowers may not be the right option for everyone, but it does provide an easy way to get your medicine more cheaply. Even if you can’t find a good wholesale opportunity, we would still suggest buying in bulk for the same reason. In the end, larger purchases will nearly always result in a much lower cost-per-gram price. If not, you need to take your business elsewhere.

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