Really Creative Dates – Keep The Thrill In Your Relationship

We are sure you are pretty excited now. No wonder: you have finally met the woman who could be the love of your life. But let us guess: you don’t have any idea about what your dates should look like. When your heart is full of emotions, you just can’t get rid of them and use all your natural creativity.

And, with all inner sensations, you are probably starting to fear that the wrong undertaking will ruin your success. Well, everyone can find a Ukrainian bride (or any other one) on the Internet – but what about keeping her interested? Don’t worry – with our suggestions, your rendezvous can’t go wrong.

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Take your lady to a bookstore. There you both can choose a book, and the other person has to read it. It ensures there is a lot to talk about during the next date.

Thrift Shopping

Invite your woman to a second-hand shop – but don’t be so skeptical! At such a store, you could try on the weirdest things from the assortment and have a good laugh. Who knows, maybe you will even find an outfit for the next Halloween party!

Crime Dinner

Solve the riddle of the mysterious murder case and treat yourself to a delicious dinner. Trust us, it could hardly be boring!

Bad Movie Night

Don’t you have a movie that you can watch together but still feel like a cozy evening in front of the TV this Friday? Then you pick out the worst films in history and have an absolutely unique experience. The good thing is that you can also talk wonderfully during this date.

Canoe Tour

Regardless of whether it is a romantic canal or just a river – it is a good idea. When you go canoeing, nature presents itself to you in its most beautiful facets. The relaxed atmosphere it offers can’t be compared with anything else.

Climbing Park

By abseiling and belaying each other – you can find out in a playful way whether you work as a team. But don’t forget to compensate for the burned calories with your favorite junk food.

Salsa Course

When it gets cold outside, Latin music creates a fiery atmosphere. Spend your evening doing moves and swings of hot dances.

LaserTag Or Paintball

If laser tag sounds too boring for you – the paintball will be the right place. In any case, you can hardly make a date more action-packed!


A totally relaxing pastime activity, especially in bad weather. It involves an opportunity to enjoy great conversations.

Animal Shelter

Arrange the visit to the animal shelter – make one of the dogs happy and go for a long walk. That’s how you can not only have fun talking but also do a good thing.

Mix Cocktails

Pick the cocktails you want to make and buy the right ingredients together. At the end of the evening, you are both guaranteed to be amused and natural.

Make Ice Cream

On the Internet – you can find thousands of recipes for making ice cream yourself. Pick the best ones and get prepared for the delightful evening! You can enjoy the result together later on the balcony.


Buy a large canvas together and create a piece of art together. If you are on the right level of intimacy – you could use your naked bodies as paintbrushes.

Photo Booth Hopping

Take a walk around the town, stopping at each photo booth to snap some pictures. Such memories are a pleasure to look back on!


Green your balcony or garden together. In a few weeks, you can then admire the results of your work during the shared dinner.

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