Reasons To Get A Degree In Data Science

Earning a degree in data science has benefits ranging from gaining knowledge in data management to becoming a more valuable asset to a company. It opens up opportunities not previously available. Before someone spends the money and invests the time, however, a person should understand how he or she can profit from a data science degree.

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Gain Experience Necessary For Different Industries

A degree in data science gives a person skills that are used in various fields, not just computer science. It makes someone more beneficial no matter what industry they’re in since they can utilize these skills for a wide range of purposes.

More Job Opportunities

When a person receives a master of data science online, he or she has the option to obtain a job in various fields including information technology and healthcare. People who have a data science master’s degree are highly employable. The field is small, but it’s expected to grow by 19 percent from 2016 until 2026. This growth rate is much more rapid than the average for other occupations. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates the number of jobs in this field is going to increase by 5,400 over the course of the next ten years. The number of job opportunities available to someone is greater if the person has any special training in another field.

Always Jobs In This Field

This job field is going to be in demand for many years to come. As technology grows, people who have a background in computer science are needed. Not to mention, data mining is becoming increasingly more popular. Additionally, as internet threats continue, data scientists are required to find ways to prevent cyber attacks.

Potential Salary

The salary of computer information specialists is high. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported people in this industry made a median annual wage of $114,520 per year. This figure is equivalent to $55.06 per hour. In certain fields though, the average salary is lower.

Increased Proficiency In Data Management

A person who possesses a master’s degree in data science becomes more proficient in data management. This makes the person have an easier time at his or her job.

Become More Readily Employable

Those who possess a degree in data science are more readily employable. Employers would rather have a person who is very proficient in data management. An advanced degree in the field also makes a person more eligible for promotions.

Become Indispensable

An employer is less likely to get rid of a person who has a higher degree. These individuals tend to be the employees who have the most to offer and are often big assets to a company, making them more likely to keep their jobs.

Gain Credibility

When a person is speaking to others in a casual circle or helping solve problems in the workplace, a person with an advanced degree is more likely to be taken seriously and listened to.

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