How And Why You Should Reinvest In Yourself

We’ve all been there. A day where we, at long last, complete every item on our checklist. We even have a few spare minutes at the end. As we kick up our feet, lie back, and let our hands dangle… we get an uneasy feeling in our chest. I don’t know what I’m doing. How and why should I reinvest in myself?

It’s a peculiar feeling. I don’t know what I’m doing. Despite the fact that we’ve spent the entire day–no, the entire month–thinking we know exactly what we’re doing, this moment of silence completely disarms us. We don’t know what to do with a bit of time alone with ourselves. It’s disquieting.

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Fast Ways You Can Reinvest In Yourself

If you regularly experience this sensation, you’re not alone. Most Americans struggle with slowing down, and for good reason–many of us work so hard and accomplish things so beautifully in order to run. We like to run from the voice of our grief, our anger, or our fear. As long as we’re active, that voice is quiet. Once we sit down and take a moment for us, however… the feelings start to crowd in.

While it might feel better in the short term, continuing to ignore our emotions is not the answer. Take a minute to ask yourself… how often do I invest in me? Have I really taken the time to treat my own emotions with respect? Do I give myself and my feelings even half the love I’d expect a partner to give me? Have I given my dreams and my day to day needs the time of day?

It’s time to start hearing your emotions. Some great steps towards treating your emotions with respect can be meeting your own needs, great or small. For some, the life event that slows them down can be a diagnosis: cancer or another disease. An illness can put a new perspective on life: what’s valuable, what matters in the long run. While the fight is frightening and difficult, a good place to start can be getting proper help. Whether you live in Minnesota or Maryland, getting the right cancer care is a good way to start remembering that you matter.

Another need you can meet on your road to self-respect is fulfilling a dream; now may be the time to head back to school, to catch that new career path you never believed in before. Spending time each day pouring into your own hopes can reawaken feelings of self-love and help you explore your neglected emotions.

No matter what steps you take towards reinvesting in you, you’ll want to do it soon and never give up. You have needs, just like everyone else, and it’s not noble or clever of you to consistently ignore them. It might be tricky or scary at first, but getting to know yourself is worth every bit of the struggle. You’ll work and live to your fullest potential if you teach yourself to thrive.

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