The Science Of Vaping – Propylene Glycol vs Vegetable Glycerine [Infographic]

Whether you’re thinking about entering the world of vaping or you’re an experienced vaper on the market for something new, e-juice is an important thing to think about. The e-liquid you choose for your vaporizer will impact your vaping experience almost as much as the vaporizer itself. The right juice will give you a delicious flavor, satisfying throat hit, and the perfect clouds.

The ideal e-juice will vary from one individual to the next, but learning more about the options and ingredients will help you find the perfect picks for your collection.

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The PG And VG Debate

All e-juices contain a blend of PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerin). Each ingredient has its own pros and cons. If you’re looking for a strong flavor at a low temperature, you’ll want a juice with a higher percentage of PG. A greater PG ratio will also give you a stronger throat hit. However, PG doesn’t stand up well to high heat, and it gets a burnt flavoring if it gets too hot.

VG is better for those who like big clouds. If you’re after a rich, fluffy cloud of vapor, you’ll want an e-juice with more VG in it. VG is also better for individuals with allergies, as PG has been known to cause some irritation. If you’re not sure which option you like better, you can always go for a 50-50 blend, which offers a little of everything without going to any extremes.

Nicotine Levels

E-liquids typically contain some amount of nicotine. Many vapers turn to e-cigarettes as a replacement for tobacco cigarettes. While e-liquids aren’t entirely chemical-free, they are better than traditional cigarettes. If you’re a smoker, you will probably want an e-juice with about 16 milligrams of nicotine. This is what you’ll get in your traditional cigarette. If you’re a heavy smoker, an e-juice with a higher nicotine level such as 24 milligrams or 36 milligrams might work for you.

It’s best to start at a lower nicotine level and gradually move up if you’re unsatisfied. Starting too high can make you feel ill. If you’re trying to stop smoking, look for an e-liquid with a nicotine dosage that’s slightly less than what you’re used to smoking. Something around 11 milligrams or 8 milligrams will help you step down slowly until you’re not using nicotine at all.


The flavoring of your e-juice is one of the most distinctive features. If you’re looking for something sweet, you’ll find options that are rich in dessert-like flavors such as pie, vanilla, or cotton candy. Vapers who are after something savorier might want to try a coffee-flavored e-juice. Fruit flavors are popular as well, with options including blueberry, peach, melon, and more. For something similar to the cigarettes that you’re familiar with, a tobacco or menthol flavor is a good choice.

Want to learn more about the options available in the world of vaping? This infographic will give you more details on what vaporizers are made from and how you can find the right vape mod for your purposes.

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Lizard Juice Science Vaping Infographic