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You must have surely heard your friend talking about getting a sectional garage door installation for their house. They say that it is the latest trend in the garage door industry. It is what will differentiate your house. Why? Because it will give it an even better look and because of how efficient and comfortable it is. But do you know where to get sectional garage door installation services? Do you even know what a sectional garage door is? We can help you solve this and any other questions you may have regarding how any sectional garage door installation process goes.

First of all, let’s start to think about what a sectional garage door is. A sectional garage door is made of separate panels which get lifted and remain parallel to your garage ceiling when it’s opened. A sectional garage door is made up of several sections that go between 3 and 8. The sections are held together thanks to strong hinges. You will need casters fixed to the edges of your panels to allow your garage door to move down and up on your track system that will be fixed to the doors, roof, and frame.

Now that you know what a sectional garage door is, you can consider whether you want one or not. If you are sure you want a sectional garage door, you need an expert team on sectional garage door installation. In that case, you can give My Garage Door Repairman – Garage Door Repair a phone call. We can take charge of your sectional garage door installation and much more provided that you are located within our service area.

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Pros Of Getting A Sectional Garage Door Installation

Several advantages come with getting a sectional garage door installation done. Let’s take a look at them:

  • You do not need space outside of your garage door to be able to open them.
  • You can park your car very near to your garage door, and it won’t get bumped.
  • Using multiple panels will place less pressure on your castors.
  • If one of your panels gets damaged, you can replace it alone, which will make the repair more affordable for your pocket.
  • You can choose any materials for your sectional garage doors.
  • They are a lot stronger and way more resistant to the damage caused by wind.
  • They are one of the most secure garage doors.

Cons Of Getting A Sectional Garage Door Installation

As we mentioned before, there are many advantages concerning getting sectional garage door installation services. But you cannot overlook the fact that there are some disadvantages to getting a sectional garage door installation. Let’s take a look at them:

  • Your sectional garage door will take up quite some space under your ceiling that otherwise you could use for storage.
  • The moving parts of your sectional garage door are going to need regular maintenance.
  • If you need to repair your sectional garage door, you will need help from an experienced and qualified technician. Taking a DIY approach might lead to damages and injuries.

As you can see, there are more pros than cons regarding getting sectional garage door installation services. However, you do need to take into consideration both sides before you make your final decision on whether you want to get a sectional garage door installation or not. If you decide that you want a sectional garage door installation done for you, then give our team a chance to provide that service. We know that if you get our team involved, your sectional garage door installation will look incredible.

Electric Garage Doors

Whether you have decided on getting a sectional garage door or not, what has become a must-have, is an electric garage door. Getting an electric garage door installation can take quite some time and might be a little more expensive. Most of the time, it will end up being a worthwhile investment, though.

Once you get your electric garage door installation done, you will have a garage door that will work with a remote. You will never have to step outside of your vehicle again! It will change your life and make it much easier and more comfortable.

If you want this type of garage door to get installed for you, then, of course, our team can get that done for you. Our expert professionals have been trained in everything that has to do with garage doors installations.

So, you can take your pick and choose which type of garage door you wish for us to install. We will be able to do that for you in a concise amount of time. Do, however, consider that these kinds of jobs tend to take quite some time. That is if you want your garage door to look perfect. So, if you want to be at home while our professionals are working, please, make sure that you separate quite some time for that to happen when the installation will take place.

On Weekends We Work Too

We are aware that most of our customers work full-time jobs during the week. Therefore, being at home during the week to get our garage door installation service might be a whole ordeal. Sometimes, getting time off work is not a possibility.

We understand this frustration. You want to be home when that garage door installation is happening. Lucky for you, we have designed our professional schedules to have people available during the weekends. So, you can have our team install your garage door on a Saturday or a Sunday. We want to make sure that we can help you if having us work during the weekend benefits your scheduling issues at work.

Give the My Garage Door Repairman team a chance to provide you with the new garage door installation you were looking for! It will not be long after you call us before we can get your new garage door installation started! Call us right now! Turn your garage into your dream garage.

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