Ski Season In Bansko – Adrenaline & Relaxation Amidst The Unique Beauty

Bansko is a resort town with an altitude of 927 meters. It is at the foot of the Pirin mountain, which has a strong Alpine character and is popular as “The Little Alps”. The mountain is compact, with highly varied relief – from plain along the beds of the rivers, through hilly to alpine. Its average height is 1,033 meters – from 600 meters along the Mesta valley to 2914,3 meters of the top peak of Vihren.

This makes it very picturesque – with massive and steep peaks, with beautiful well-formed crests, plenty of moraines, sheer chasms. At the same time, the access to the resort itself is easy – it is 160 km from Sofia, 120 of which are highways.

Bansko is visited all year round but is especially popular during the winter season. For skiing here, tourists come not only from Europe – Great Britain, France, Italy, Austria, Moldova, Russia, etc. but even from far away Australia and the USA. Of course, the resort is also visited by skiers from the neighboring countries – Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, who often use the opportunity not only to come for their annual holidays but also for skiing weekends.

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In the season 2017/2018 at Skiing in Bansko 100 000 tourists have arrived, according to a study held by the Institute for Tourism Analysis and Appraisals. We are speaking of tourists who have come for their winter holidays. That is regardless of the attendance of athletes, media teams and fans of the world ski and snowboard championships taking place here. And which, moreover, are indicative of the conditions in Bansko.

As the choice of a resort for races of such a rank is based not only on the excellent condition of the racing tracks and facilities but also on the logistics, the transport links provided, the comfortable accommodation, the food, services and attendance, the facilities and public amenities such as the SPA hotel in Bansko. Thus, the holiday in Bansko is a combination of adrenaline and complete relaxation among unique beauty.

Bansko – With 5 Out Of 5 Possible “Oscars” In Tourism

When talking about Bansko, we can not fail to mention the high professional qualification the resort receives from the world tourism industry. Bansko regularly wins the annual tourist Oscar, and already has 5 out of 5 possible.

Such a collection own only 9 resorts, whereas each year more than 200 contestants compete from all over the world. Thus, Bansko ranks next to the leading Kitzbühel resorts in Austria, called “The Ski Mecca”, Swiss Laax, Swedish Öre, Russian Pearl Rose Huttor, Deer Valley in the USA and others. The tourist “Oscar” tournaments are statuettes that are analogous to film awards and are awarded by the World Ski Academy which head office is in Kitzbühel. There is held the magnificent award ceremony which is broadcasted on all continents.

With everything described so far here, it can not be missed to especially note that although Bansko is the leading resort in Europe, Bansko is the cheapest resort on the continent. This is pointed out in a variety of branch and consumer analyzes, one of which was published by The Telegraph at the end of 2017. In it, Bansko is considered the most profitable because of the low prices. In a similar, but in a more extensive survey of the cheap ski holiday destinations, Mirror has placed Bansko in 7th place in the world.

The racing tracks and hotels such as Lucky Bansko Spa & Relax Aparthotel are focused on family vacations. There is a special policy for free accommodation of children, ski wardrobes with special preheaters, lift cards provided, regular transport to the cabin gondola lift, to the racing tracks and the way back, etc.

Out of the tracks themselves, only 25 percent are the racing ones for professionals. 30 percent of the routes are for beginners with the respective ski schools, equipment for rent, etc. The rest can be enjoyed by advanced skiers and snowboarders with interlacing of the tracks and with varying difficulty. This way the resort is also suitable for an exciting holiday for couples as well as for teambuilding.

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