Why Smokers Are Turning To Vaping To Quit, But Results Are Mixed

Vaping is starting to pick up traction, and the FDA recently called vaping a “teen epidemic.” It’s a problem among younger generations because vaping is causing teens to transition to regular cigarette smoking. But we’re also seeing a lot of smokers turn to vaping. Why?

There’s some thought that vaping may help a person quit smoking. It’s almost trading one vice for another in many cases. People can’t kick their regular smoking habit, so they fill the void with vaporizers.

You can also use our Yocan vaporizer, expanding the possibilities of your habit in the process. The issue for many smokers is that they’re starting to get addicted to vaping. And depending on the model, such as the Juul, a person may be exposed to higher levels of nicotine than they would be with regular cigarettes.

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Partial Or Total Substitutes For Cigarettes

For a majority of people, vaping has been able to replace cigarettes. Sometimes, there’s a partial replacement, and other times, there’s a complete replacement that takes place. Reports of people that have smoked for decades have started to surface, showing many of these individuals transitioned from smoking to vaping.

Long-term, there’s no evidence to show that vaping will continue to replace smoking. Then there’s also another study which followed smokers for one full year. What this study found was that 90% of smokers couldn’t quit after an entire year of vaping.

So, there’s conflicting evidence on whether or not people can stop smoking with e-cigarettes. Researchers from Europe claim that, based on their own study, people are “dual users,” smoking and using vaporizers in many cases.

When vaping as a teen, a large percentage will start with vaping and transition to regular cigarettes.

If (and that is a big if) a person can learn to cut back on their cigarette habits, even filling the void with a vaporizer, it can help the individual:

  • Lower the risks of heart and lung disease
  • Reduce toxins burnt off from cigarettes
  • Lower cancer risks

You also don’t have to worry about the “smell” of cigarette smoke or having to deal with cigarettes causing fires. Second-hand smoking is also a major concern, but when vaping, there are no toxins produced, so the second-hand smoker will not suffer from cancer in the future.

There are concerns that nicotine in vaping is unsafe, but this is the same with cigarettes, and the nicotine in e-cigs is less worrisome than cigarettes. Diacetyl, which exists in a lot of flavored e-cig liquids, is a concern because the chemical has been linked to protentional lung disease.

It’s important to note that e-cigs aren’t 100% safe by any means. The goal should be to quit both vices to prevent adverse side effects.

Thousands of chemicals burned off with regular cigarettes are not being inhaled, so that is definitely a bonus of vaping. The issue is that vaping is also not 100% safe, and it can cause other side effects thanks to the nicotine content in the concentrates or liquids.

Since most of the harm from cigarettes comes from the combustion and release of thousands of chemicals in the process, vaping remains a safer alternative to smoking. But if you’re hoping to stop smoking completely, you’ll likely trade cigarettes for vaping.

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