Social Media Personalities: Basic Cable vs. HBO

If you are active in social media, it can seem like the same stories and topics are trending and breaking 24/7. Seemingly well, in good health and spirit celebrities have died and been reborn on Twitter just because there are some people who want to see their @ mentions skyrocket. I get that people want to feel important, but there is a ballsier way of getting noticed legitimately.

Love it or hate it, social media is the new reality T.V. It is the HBO and pay-per-view of live entertainment, and in this economy, it provides more bang for your virtual buck. People do care about what you eat, what you are wearing, where you are going, who you are meeting and how you are feeling. An inside glimpse of your life opens up engagement and helps build strong connections. As with any television character with a strong personality and views, there are bound to be legions of loyal followers and some haters.

One of my favorite bloggers today is @susanlynncope. She is one in a new wave of lifestyle bloggers who lives their lives out loud IRL and online – Think Sex in the City, Melrose Place, Cheers, daytime and nighttime soaps. Her public blog is her diary with a universal key. I’ve been on many virtual highs and lows with her, sympathized, celebrated and shared #virtualcheers. Lifestyle bloggers are originals and don’t follow any 80/20 social media rule. They simply tweet and post as an honest reflection of their present attitude and surroundings with the motto that pain is inevitable and people dig scars.

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Image Credits: [TheBlogFarm] [SoftMyHard]