Solid Wood Furniture Is A Great Investment – Here’s Why

If you’re a first-time homeowner or someone that is just looking for a great piece of furniture, you should consider solid wood furniture. Solid wood furniture is a fantastic addition to your home, lending the décor a sophisticated, rustic sense of charm and lasting you for generations. Here are some great reasons why you should add wood furniture to your home.

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Well Built

Wood furniture is well built and will not come apart easily, unlike mass-produced furniture, which is flimsy and can break easily. Move a mass-produced item the wrong way and it may break on you, but with solid wood furniture, the quality of wood used is always of a high caliber, and the craftsmanship tends to be way better as well, meaning that it’s built strong and sturdy.

Easy To Clean

Wood furniture is extremely easy to clean. Just dust it once and a while with a soft cloth, (making sure to go with the grain) and try and avoid direct sunlight. You can check out this post from Better Home and Gardens for more information on cleaning solid wood.


Because it is so well built, wooden furniture will stand the test of time. Many people here in the greater Toronto area, who have purchased wood furniture from a company like Woodcraft have been able to pass the item down from generation to generation, which makes it not only a welcome aesthetic addition to your home, but also a wise, long-term investment.

No Assembly Required

When you purchase some of the cheaply made furniture out there, you may have to put it together, which can be a real hassle. Wood furniture comes completely built – all you have to do is sit down and enjoy it.


Ever had a kid jump up and down on a cheaply made piece of furniture? Chances are you’ve heard it squeak or maybe even break. Solid wood furniture is kid proof, and it has been for millennia – though, it’s still a good idea to tell them to stop!

A Green Alternative

Cheaply made furniture is not made with green practices in mind. They are often made as cheaply as possible, not caring about where the materials come from. When you go with a company that makes solid wood furniture, you can rest assured that your piece of furniture was made appropriately and not with some cheap, harmful alternative.


Even though they use cheap materials, some of the mass-produced furniture out there is expensive. With solid wood, though, you know that you are actually paying for a great piece of furniture, and not spending an exorbitant amount on something that is going to break.

Choosing to add a beautiful piece of wood furniture to your home is both a wise design choice and a wise investment. And in some cases, you can even customize your order, ensuring you get the exact size and stain color you need for your home. There’s no need to go to one of those mass-produced furniture places; if you go there, you’ll just be back in a couple of years anyways to replace the item. Go with solid wood furniture for a long lasting, beautiful and greener alternative.

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