Space Invaders Couch: Gank The Invaders At Home!

There have been several posts here on Bit Rebels that deal with the perfect geek interior design. So far we have only touched the tip of the iceberg it seems, and more and more genius designs are leaking into our lives. Is there really something that is considered “too geeky?” Well, here on Bit Rebels, we of course do not think so. Everything that makes your home or office more personal and fitting to your aura is probably a good thing, wouldn’t you say?

That’s why we think this Space Invaders couch is the perfect buy for your living room area or your hangout (also called the “lounge”) area in your office. What more does this couch say than you’re a person of great taste, cultivated know-it-all and a ganker of invaders? That’s all you really need to keep those classic retro dreams alive.

The designer and creator of this couch is Igor Chak. He masterfully combined colors and pixel blocks into a fully fledged geekmania couch. Whether you can buy this one or not is still a mystery to me. I tried to find the price for it, but it seems it’s hidden in the spacecrafts of the Invaders. Maybe you have to gank a real one in order to get one. Who really knows, do you?