SPF Garage Door Bug Screens – A Quick 2022 Review

Look outside, and you’ll probably notice that the sun is shining, birds are singing, and pools are starting to get prepped for the summer to come. All of it’s great to see. But what’s not a great sight is all the bugs that are starting to come out of the proverbial woodwork, buzzing around and leaving itchy bites in their wake.

Already tired of dealing with them? It might be worth giving Sun Protection of Florida’s retractable garage door bug screens a go. Made to suit your exact needs with flexible pricing options; they’re one of the best products around for a more comfortable, bug-free garage and home - and all without the ineffective, sticky sprays and citronella candles.

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Basic Design & Tech

If you’re not the type who’s always hanging out in your garage working on a project (or playing in a new rock band), you probably haven’t come across garage door bug screens before. Good news for you, they’re not a hard product to understand. Precisely what you’d expect, these thin screens are made from tightly woven fabric and protect your garage from annoying insects and pests.

Now, SPF’s offerings are a little bit different and definitely feel distinct from the competition. Unlike many other bug screens out on the market, these ones are actually retractable - allowing you to quickly move them out of the way when not needed and efficiently put them back down when the mosquitoes get a little bit too thick and bite-y for your comfort.

The mechanisms behind this are rather simple but effective, too. Essentially, these retractable garage door bug screens are comprised of mesh fabric that’s installed in a special housing above your regular garage door and are connected to a small and quiet motor.

Out at night and want to make it move down? Just push a button, and the mechanical stuff will take care of all the hard work, rolling it down with no effort on your part. Need to put it away again to move your car in or finally repair your garage door? Another press, and you’re good to go.

This basic design is, well, super basic but it works like a charm. Movement is very smooth, takes practically no time at all, and always does exactly what you want with no rattling, stuttering, or serious delay.

The process isn’t completely silent since a little machinery is involved but we haven’t found it to be overly loud. So, if that’s a concern, don’t let that put you off getting a motorized insect screen for your own garage. The sound won’t be any major bother, and you’ll undoubtedly get used to what little noise there is within the first few days of use.

Features & Benefits

The basic design of SPF’s retractable garage door bug screens is simple and straightforward, adding up to create a really simple device anybody can use. Yet, that doesn’t really answer the question: does it work well? And what are its purported benefits, anyways?

At the most basic level, any sort of bug screen - including SPF’s - is intended to protect you from mosquitoes, bees, wasps, flies, and all other sorts of creepy crawlies that can bring stings, bites, or even disease.

Beyond that, however, they can provide further shade while you’re out tinkering in your garage, improve airflow to traditionally pretty cooped-up spaces, and provide extra security from other unwelcome animals that might pop up day or night. Sounds like a pretty good packaged deal, yeah?

SPF’s retractable bug screens easily hit on each of these points, which is telling about the amount of thought that went into the product. The rolling screen’s mesh construction is high-quality and very effective, ensuring that all the bugs stay exactly where they belong: outside. It prevents unwelcome furry visitors, keeps the garage dry during light rain, blocks irritating glare (and damaging UV rays!) during sunny days, and keeps the garage nice and cool.

All around, this line of motorized insect screens manages to make any garage a much more usable and, just as importantly, more comfortable space. Whether you’re fixing up a car, working out in a home gym, or trying to perfect your drum fills, it creates an environment that’s much more enjoyable. It gets two thumbs up from us, just on that alone.

Purchasing Process

Read through our review but still aren’t 100% certain if it’s the bug screen for you? That’s totally fair. After all, SPFs products are all custom-designed, crafted, and fitted, inevitably leading to a bigger price tag than if you nabbed something off Amazon. We get that’s a commitment.

Luckily, SPF gets that, too. You don’t have to make any decisions just off our review or the photos you see on their site gallery. In fact, it’s built into the purchasing process that you can’t — and we actually love the company for that decision.

What you do instead is actually book a free appointment and simply have a consultation with a couple of company specialists. They’ll not only guide you through the steps you need to take in order to buy, but can take a look at your garage and listen to what you hope to get from a screen to make sure that their retractable offering is a good fit for your needs.

And unlike some of their competitors, they’ll be very frank with you. If they think it’s not the right option for you, or they think another product of theirs might be a smarter choice, your specialists will let you know. We appreciate that kind of transparency and fully get why their reviews are so good.

Impressed yourself? Schedule an appointment today to see what SPF can put together for you. Or, for those concerned about budget, go on the same contact page and fill out your info for a free estimate. That way, you save time and can make sure their retractable garage door bug screens make sense for your home and your bank account.

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