Star Wars Coasters To Geekify Your Brewski

If you’re one of those people who really is fanatically obsessed with not having stains on your table after you’ve set down a bottle of beer, soda or just a glass of water, then you definitely have piles of coasters laying around at home ready to bust out.  I’m more the kind of person who doesn’t think it’s too much trouble to get a towel or some paper napkins and just wipe it off.  However, there is definitely a large enough market out there for coasters to make just about any design become quite successful.  I am sure there are designs that would work better than others.  If you’re thinking of upgrading your collection, and if you’re into geekifying your home, then these coasters are certainly your way to go.

These are the Star Wars Coasters, and they come in 4 different designs.  They are carefully hand carved out of a single slate of tile, sanded and then padded to make sure they don’t scratch the surface they are put on.  The designs are symbols from the Empire and the Rebels Alliance, and all of them are pretty famous.

If you can’t tell what they are, then you are probably not a Star Wars fanatic.  Don’t fret cause I am sure you can still love the movies and worship the Star Wars world without having to be fanatically immersed in the history.  So, if you’re interested in geekifying your house just a tad bit more, these coasters are certainly the way to go.  They sell for $26 per slate, and there are plenty more than just Star Wars themed ones available.  You can grab your 4 x 4 slates over at the Blyth House Creations Etsy store.

Hand Carved Star Wars Coaster

Stack Of Star Wars Coasters

Star Wars Symbol Beer Coaster

Star Wars Symbol Beer Coaster