Still Looking For Love? – Then The Hily Dating App Is For You [Review]

Is romance really dead in 2017? It feels that way sometimes, as I swipe mindlessly through Tinder hoping to find someone in search of genuine connection instead of a quick hook up. See, I haven’t given up on finding love even in this world of instant gratification and less than impressive meetups. When a friend suggested I try the new Hily dating app to meet people and chat, I was hesitant. She assured me it was worth the time, and even sent me this Hily review that had turned her on to the site.

Hily is 100% free to sign up and use, so what was there to lose I thought as I plugged away my information and prepared myself for more lackluster results. I’m here writing this review on Hily meaning my experience was definitely worth sharing. In fact, I’m preparing for my 4th date with an amazing man I connected with on my first week of using the site. Was it luck? Maybe, but I’d like to think it was the magic of Hily that brought us together. There are so many great features, and this Hily review is to highlight just that.

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Signing Up For Hily Is A breeze

It took less than 5 minutes to register myself for the Hily app. No hoops to jump through and no telling you to provide a credit card “just in case.” Hily app sign up can be initiated with a simple tap to sign on with Facebook. The form to set up your Hily profile is pretty intuitive, leaving any possible confusion at the door. Simply provide your information and start chatting! You will need the following details.

  1. Personal information (Name, email, etc.)
  2. Date of birth
  3. Zip code (to find prospects close to you!)
  4. A profile picture

Boom, that is really all it takes! When you are finished registering you are directed to a great interactive tutorial and immediate access to your account, for free. I cannot stress enough that this site provides you with so many features with no out of pocket cost. Just like that, you’ve finished your registration with Hily meaning you can start giving and receiving likes immediately.

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Hily Is Spam And Advertisement Free

I know, I didn’t believe it either! A free dating site with no spam? Hily had me with that alone. No weird banners telling me about the naked singles waiting to chat with me, it was a breath of fresh air in the dating site world. The Hily team wants you to meet and chat with people as organically as possible, so they go above and beyond to provide a spam-free experience. If a Hily app user tries to engage in sketchy dealings, their account is put under review immediately. They also do a great job of finding you matches that are local to you by zip code, which minimizes the chance of getting “catfished.”

You Get Unlimited Likes

You read that right, your Hily likes are unlimited! This allows you the chance to make a genuine connection. Whether you use 1 or 100, Hily never charges you or ask you to upgrade your account. Not having to worry about fees leaves you open to discovering as many potential matches as possible. The less you have to worry about limiting your likes, the greater chance that you find a person with all of the qualities that you are looking for. It’s basic dating site 101, and if you’re reading this I’m sure you already know that.

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The Hily Dating App Is Pretty Awesome

Most of us owe a chunk of our daily engagement to smartphones. Having the Hily app has been clutch. After you complete the Hily app signup, you are able to access all of the great features of the app, and it is super user-friendly. You don’t have to be a brain surgeon to really benefit from the Hily dating app, especially if you are a busy professional. Most of us are on the go for a huge portion of the day, and having the ability to use Hily from wherever you want, whenever you want is an incredible feature.

They really hit the nail on the head with this one. If you’re at work and receive a like from someone you liked earlier in the day, you have the ability to initiate a message instantly on the app, leaving less chance for a missed connection. As someone looking for another hard-working professional, this has been crucial to my success with Hily dating.

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It’s Basically Always Ladies Night

Listen up ladies, Hily is changing the dating site game with this one. The initial conversation structure is based on a concept called “mutual likes” which is amazing. No more creepers hitting up your inbox for pictures of your feet (yep, foot fetishes are pretty popular in the dating site world) and no more having to awkwardly turn down said creepers. I can almost see you all jumping for joy on this one.

Mutal like work like this: when your scrolling through or Hily dating app and you find someone who sparks your interest, you can choose to like their profile. If that person likes you back, the option to messages back and forth becomes available. If they don’t, well let’s just say it’s great that likes are unlimited! Maybe your first try won’t be a hit, but most of the people I have encountered on Hily are in it for legitimate relationships.

Keep searching and chances are you will make a real dating connection. Not having to sort through hundreds of weird messages from people just looking for a hasty hookup makes continuing on a little less painful.

There Are Hacks To Get You To The Top Of The List

Although Hily is completely free, they do offer an interesting in-app currency scheme known as “hearts.” These hearts can be used to acquire extra features such as:

  • Chat requests- Skip the line by accessing chat requests with someone you are really interested in. This costs 50 hearts.
  • Boosts -This feature gives you up to 5x more shows in the finder section.
  • Rollback- You can go back and undo a swipe you mistakenly made! I have been waiting for a dating app to offer this feature!
  • Unblur – This allows you to unblur the photo of a prospective match while they are in the notification center.

To get hearts you can share Hily with Facebook friends or sit back and watch some 10-second video ads. It’s easy enough that testing out the difference hearts makes is worth it. For me, the rollback feature alone was a great addition to my user experience, and I didn’t mind completing those tasks to have access to it.

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Is Hily “Safe”

Hily has a hard-working team of administrators who are constantly preventing Hily scams from happening. The site is very technologically sound, and they have a sophisticated protocol to keep scammers and spammers at bay. The guidelines Hily uses for photo uploading are strict, and they do not allow those sketchy photoless profiles to squeeze through without an intensive identity verification.

This made me feel so much more secure about chatting with people. I appreciate the extra effort they make to ensure that the person I am talking with is who they say they are. Less time having to independently screen users gives you more time to actually get to know them!

The Pros And Cons Of Using Hily

Hily has been a wonderful discovery for my dating life. It is a newer dating site, so of course, there are a few kinks, but hey are working hard to improve the site and app every day. One suggestion I have as a Hily user is to add more filters for personalizing your profile. Currently, they only offer 3 different features to filter out your search. These filters are gender, age, and location which are basics you obviously want to know, but there could be many more.

I would love to see them implement filters based on personality traits and different interests. That being said, it hasn’t deterred me from using Hily as my primary dating site, and watching them evolve has actually been pretty cool. It’s like getting in on the coolest secret in town from the beginning. I am a huge fan of their GIF library which makes initial conversations light and fun, and can really give you a glimpse into someone’s sense of humor.

If I send you a classic Gif from “The Office” and you don’t know Michael Scott, that is a clear warning that we may not have as much in common as I hoped. Yes, a deep appreciation for The Office is that serious in my future relationship. I also love that you need to have a mutual like with someone before they can initiate a conversation, it helps keep the awkwardness of online dating to a minimum.

With all of the free features that the Hily dating app offer, you don’t really have anything to lose by trying it out. If it’s not your cup of tea, there are no cancellation fees or broken commitments. They offer a super user-friendly space to make mutual connections and find the relationship you have been looking for.  What do you have to lose? I have found success on Hily and am excited to continue on, especially with the results so far. Need a little more convincing? Check out what these top tech companies are saying about Hily.

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It’s a no-brainer! Get out there and start liking, your soulmate could be just one connection away.

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