Student Survey: Meet The CEOs Of Tomorrow [Infographic]

Depending on how old you are, you probably remember being taught about business and marketing in school. When I was at University, I remember the instructors teaching us about the traditional corporate structure, which of course included a hierarchy of titles that lead all the way up to the CEO of the company. Back then, it was all about titles. Companies knew this, and they would often use a title as a bargaining chip. People would often trade time off, a nicer office and even more salary just to be able to put a more respected title on their business cards. Time have changed since then, and according to this recent student survey, things are quickly becoming very different in the corporate world today.

The creative work environment at progressive tech companies is becoming more the norm, and the old management style and hierarchy is quickly become outdated. I don’t know when exactly this shift began, but it was probably somewhere around 2004 when the word “leadership” became the new buzzword. CEO in collaboration with DOMO recently surveyed over 2,400 college students who dream of being a CEO. These students represent 499 schools all over America. This student survey asked them all kinds of questions about how they perceive the position of CEO.

As you see, this student survey paints a very different picture of the CEO of tomorrow compared to the CEO of just a few years ago. Personally, I don’t like titles at all. I think titles label people and put them in a box. I love that some companies are already adopting the style of using more creative titles which might cultivate a spirit of fun and innovation in the office like “Chief Listeners.” As you’ll see, Facebook recently added two “Chief Privacy Officers.” I hope you find this infographic called Meet The CEOs Of Tomorrow interesting. This student survey provides a lot of insight regarding how today’s up and coming professionals view education, entrepreneurship, social media and management. Enjoy!

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