The CEO’s Guide To Understanding Pinterest’s Value [Infographic]

About a year ago, it seems Pinterest was all anyone could talk about. You could go to almost any blog and find something Pinterest related. People were inspired by how fast that site was growing, and it gave hope to all the developers with brand new social sites. Pinterest was the new site that set the bar for what is possible, and it will remain on that pedestal until another site comes along and breaks their record. That will undoubtedly happen one day, probably sooner rather than later. We’ve written tons of articles about how to use Pinterest and the value of Pinterest for businesses. However, this is the first time I’ve seen an infographic designed as a guide to understanding Pinterest for CEOs.

I’m sure for a lot of CEOs in a corporate setting, Pinterest is probably not at the top of the list for social networking. Today, the popularity and success of a business is often quickly judged based on Facebook likes, so why would a CEO decide to allocate valuable resources for building pinboards on Pinterest? That is just what this guide to understanding Pinterest sets out to explain.

This infographic called A CEO’s Guide To Pinterest (by and serves as a basic guide to understanding this very popular social site by breaking down the benefits and value from a CEO’s perspective. According to this, “Pinterest is more than just a new online fad; it’s a proven traffic generator. In fact, research from Shareaholic indicates that Pinterest drives more traffic to a website than Twitter.” I found it very interesting to read that more than 80% of the pins on Pinterest are repins of existing content. If your business isn’t on Pinterest yet, use this guide to understanding it as your fuel to get going on there!

The CEO’s Guide To Understanding Pinterest’s Value

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