Study Reveals Technology Makes Us Stressed Out

I remember several months ago when I wrote an article about a study that showed Americans go crazy when their Internet is slow. At the time I wrote that, I wondered if that was a good representation for people around the world, or if it was just another example of how us Americans can be impatient and intolerant at times when it comes to technology.

Today that question is answered. A poll of 3,000 adults conducted by Stinky Ink in the UK reveals that British employees spend on average 5 hours each week stressed out over technology. This includes slow Internet, crashing computers, printer issues, smartphone issues (like running out of battery) and Facebook issues (like photo tags).

Even though that was not surprising to me, this tidbit was… 40% of those polled said that technology issues were more stressful to them than family or financial issues. Wow, we really get stressed when our technology isn’t working, don’t we? A representative for Stinky Ink said, “We tend to take technology for granted when everything is working well, but as soon as it fails, stress levels rise purely because we have become so reliant on technology in our working lives.

It’s the same thing that I’ve heard Richard say as well. When everything is working perfectly on our favorite website or Twitter, we don’t say a word. However, when things fail, we raise a ruckus. I imagine it can be a little sad for web and app developers. It seems they don’t get much praise for a job well done, but they sure hear about it if there is even a small glitch. Human beings are a strange bunch of folks, aren’t we?

Study Says Technology Is Stressful

Via: [Business Matters Magazine] [News Lite] Image Credit: [ra2 studio / Shutterstock]