What British People Say vs. What They Actually Mean [Humor]

Since I’m the Advertising Director here at Bit Rebels, I talk to people from all over the world. Whether it’s on email or Skype, it’s always fun to talk to people who live in other countries. Sometimes things get lost in translation. I’ve had some conversations that ended with me hanging up and scratching my head because I didn’t know what the other person said. Take a look at this humorous chart that compares what British people say to what British people actually mean.

Of course I have nothing against anyone who is British, and I have British friends. But you have to admit, sometimes what British people say comes out one way but is intended to mean something entirely different. If you are British or if you have British friends like me, this chart will make you laugh.

Some people might look at this chart and think it’s stereotyping gone wild, and that it has no accuracy at all. It’s probably true that what British people say is not always what they mean. However, almost every woman on the planet is like that too (since I’m a woman, I can say that). So, this doesn’t just apply to British people.

As a matter of fact, I wrote about that a few years ago. You can read about what women say vs. what women actually mean on Stupid Shit Women Say That Men Don’t Get. There is even a translation guide in there that might come in handy. So sit back, read this chart, and get a little giggle. I’m sure British people would have a heyday putting a chart like this together with what Americans say vs. what Americans actually mean. It’s all just in good fun of course! [Chart by Today I Learned Something New]

What British People Say vs. What They Actually Mean

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