Study Shows Women Prefer Men With A Tan

Today National Geographic published the results of another ridiculous study based on a tiny pool of people that live in a small selected region, so basically the results I’m about to show you mean nothing, but it’s still so much fun!

The bottom line of this study shows that women prefer men that aren’t pale. See, I always knew there was an advantage to having a tan! In the picture below, you will see the man on the left is pale, and the man on the right has a yellow-ish (tanned) skin tone. Apparently women consider the yellow skin tone (and red skin tones) to be more attractive than a pale skin tone.

Could this be a preference that we instinctively have? After all, people who eat lots of fruits and vegetables have naturally yellow skin tones. Also, people who exercise regularly and are physically healthy have red skin tones. People who are pale generally have a weaker immune system. Could that be why women consider those men unattractive? The study also found that women will often times trade “good looks” in a man for other traits like money and personality. Also, they found that women didn’t use “masculinity” as a consideration when determining a man’s attractiveness. I suppose this explains why so many of my girlfriends are attracted to metro-sexual men.

Again, this is a lot of fun, but ridiculous. To me, this study is silly because it only involved one race, Caucasian. How can they make this overall judgment about what women consider attractive based on just one race? Secondly, this is all silly because they only used twenty-one women (average age: 19) and twenty men (all from northern England) to determine the results. I know, stupid. However, it proves my point that a tan looks good on everyone! It makes me want to sit in the sunshine today!

[via National Geographic]