Success Indicator: Characteristics For A Successful Life [Infographic]

The debates that usually spawn around the word “success” are always tedious and tiresome. It seems people have an urge to tell other people what success is, and why it’s not something to strive for. Maybe this is a way for some people to approach the word without feeling like they aren’t doing enough to be successful in their own lives. Success is not only be achieved in business or by becoming famous. The success indicator merely measures the success within your own lifestyle.

I admit, it can be a tricky thing to understand. However, it doesn’t have to be that troublesome. You can apply success principles to any part of your life – whether it is health, relationships, or of course business. Whatever you are looking to achieve in your life, there is always a success indicator that will allow you to tell if you are successful or not. Pinning success on material things like money, gadgets or even influence is risky business. Why? Because they are such volatile and loose items that can easily be “unachieved.

There are certain characteristics that all successful people showcase. These characteristics can be derived into a sort of success indicator that will help you to either become successful or to measure the success in your life. Think of it as a way of applying filters to your life that will spawn success. The more of these success indicators you showcase, the more likely it is that success will follow in your path.

This particular success indicator infographic is compiled by MaryEllen Tribby, and it is (not surprisingly) called, The Success Indicator. It is quite easy to read and to evaluate your own situation in life. One thing that has to be said though is that if you are not honest while consulting this infographic, you will not be able to derive a truthful result. The “pollution” factor in this success indicator is quite high, but it depends on how you approach it. Have a look at it and see if you are being successful in your life or if there are any areas which you could try to improve. Success is not measured by how much money you have, how popular you are or what you have achieved in life. It’s very much on a spiritual and emotional level as well. Measure success merely by its own importance in your life.

MaryEllen Tribby’s Success Indicator

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