Summertime Flip Flops – Design Inspiration For Your Enjoyment!

Summer is one of my favorite times of the year. It allows us to go to the beach or just hang out at the mall wearing t-shirts, shorts and flip flops. I am a big flip flop fan. I have about 12 pairs in different colors and designs. Just last weekend, while I was out with my friends, we saw a big crowd lining up in one of the malls here in Manila (Rockwell). People were there to buy a pair of Havaianas flip flops.  What is cool about those flip flops is that you can customize them to your own taste and design. You can choose anything from cute beads to bling bling. All you need is some creativity.

Flip flops are fun and allow you so much comfort, especially when you have a long walk planned. Gone are the days when you only wear them at home or at the gym after you shower.  There are a lot of styles, forms and shapes to choose from.  I was so inspired by what I saw during the flip flop show that I browsed around the web to check out some of the cool flip flop designs.  I have put together some pictures here for your enjoyment.

Image Source – Flip Flop Color Wheel

Image Source – Thongs

Image Source – Flip Flop Blue

Image Source –  Chocolate Flip Flops

Image Source – Flip Flop Bling

Image Source –  Flip Flop Rabbit in A T Shirt

Image Source – Flip Flop Tattoo

Image Source – Strange Flip Flop