10 Summer Life Hacks That Will Make This Month More Fun [Video]

Life hacks never get old, especially when they truly add value to our lives. I remember when I wrote about how to make an emergency candle from a stick of butter and toilet paper. That was probably the most useful life hack I’ve seen, but there are hundreds of good ones out there. The video I’d like to share with you today contains 10 summer life hacks that were specifically chosen because they will make your summertime better (and more optimized if you’re a geek).

Since there is only about a month of summer left this year, I thought these summer life hacks might come in handy over the next few weeks while we are all still in BBQ mode. The ‘icy drinks in an instant’ hack is something I learned a while back by accident. It’s a brilliant little trick on days when you don’t have any ice cubes handy.

I had no idea that popcorn is a natural insecticide to get rid of ants. The shampoo bottle idea (on the beach) is a great one too. I’m sure that would work with a bottle of suntan lotion too (although on the beach, suntan lotion might be more tempting for people to grab than a bottle of shampoo).

The Popsicle drop catcher is brilliant too, but the best one of all must be the muffin tin pan used as BBQ condiment dishes. Why didn’t I think of that? It seems so obvious when you think about it. I could go on and on about how much I like this video. I completely understand why it went viral. I hope you enjoy these summer life hacks as much as I did. If you have any other useful hacks to share with us all, please leave them in the comments below! [Video by Grant Thompson a.k.a. The King of Random]

10 Summer Life Hacks




Via: [WonderHowTo]