Super Geek Stilettos and Wedges!

I went on a shoe shopping spree with my sister over the weekend. Aside from having a leisurely dinner and coffee, the best way for us girls to unwind and have a relaxing break after a week of stress at work is shoe shopping. The shops we went to were filled with designer stilettos, pumps and boots, all in varying colors and styles. The stilettos and wedges are staples that every woman should have in her collection.

I may not always wear stilettos, since I prefer boots and sneakers, but I do have an array in my closet. It’s always style vs. function. However, the inner geek in me will always shine through, function vs. style is no longer a problem it seems. Design and technology have finally come together for people to enjoy both.

I found these cool and awesome shoes that are not only stylish but would really melt the heart of any girl who is a geek at heart like me. And for those guys who appreciate design and technology.. right guys?!

Fitness Stiletto

Lamborghini Gallardo stilettos

Cinderella Electronic Pumps with Hidden Stun Gun

GPS Wedge

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